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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Iowa House Has Declared February 26th Bacon Day


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The Iowa State House has declared February 26th Bacon day! Why not? I. These troubled times, I say, if you've got it flaunt it and apparently Iowa sells more Pork than any other State in the U.S.A..

Now I know I could make a lot of jokes about Iowa's pork bellies, or Iowa being the source of all the pork that flows out of D.C., but that wouldn't be fair. Producing food is a good thing and a hard thing and so I say Bravo. Besides, I've always sorta liked Iowa ever since being in that play, you know, that one musical of Americana that celebrates all that is good about small town America and is set in River City Ioway. That's right, Meredith Wilson's The Music Man.

In the spirit of the play I've written a little musical number that could be used to promote Iowa Bacon Day or Iowa's love of Pork. Here it is:

Oh, there's nothing half-way about the Iowa way to feed you if we feed you which we may not do at all!

There's an Iowa kind, a bacon, pork shoulder attitude we've never been without that we recall.

We can be cold to someone hawking all-beef products at a ball game, but then warm to his pork hot dogs even fried.

But what the heck, try spare ribs, try pork loin or pork sausage, even though you're vegan it can't hurt to add some fried, you really ought to give Iowa, home of pork Iowa: pigs feet, spare ribs, browned ham steak, Italian sausage, baby back ribs, pork sausage, bacon, pig tails! You ought to give Iowa pork a try!

So, what do you think? Another American classic? Maybe I can send my kid to college on the residuals? I know, I'll have to split it with Meredith Wilson's estate for the music, but still, a few pennies? I need a grass roots campaign so call your Iowa legislator today! :-)

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