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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

www.Votefortheworst.com - Nemesis of American Idol - Voted Off the Internet


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Note: After reading this post you may wish to check out my update to this post written on May 24, 2005 the day of the Tuesday Night Round IV American Idols Finals by
clicking here.

Just as things were getting big for the creators of votefortheworst.com they seem to have been voted off the internet by Fox-TV, owners of the hit show American Idol, thee hit T.V. show that the web site tried to, er, Rock the Vote for, just for kicks.

The idea behind the website was to encourage American Idol voters to vote for the worst rather than the best singers this year so that the show's marketing producers would be stuck with someone dificult or impossble to market at the end of the year. I know, hard to believe that this could be possible from the lineup this year, but that was the theory anyway. :snicker:

The site drew a huge amount of attention over the last week when big and tall (?) Scott Savol, the top pick of the votefortheworst.com web site, and not regarded as one of Idol's strongest singers, made it into the top 3 last week while heartthrob Constantine Maroulis got the boot.

Now was this voting result the impact of the site? Did judges Randy 'Dog Dog' Jackson, Paula 'Goo Goo Eyes' Abdul and especially Ima Gonna Scowell miss something in Scott that the public liked? Or was it just another case of phone line frenzy tie-up?

Before tonight's show I would have given the site more credit having missed last week completely, but Scott pulled one of his best performances out of nowhere tonight, and so maybe, maybe he has enough appeal to do what he did on his own.

In the mean time. If you clicked on the www.ezboard.com's Fat Felon it has a thread commenting on the matter in which his posters take the pledge and vote for the worst too. Only thing is, some say they get hate spam afterwards. Imagine that. Maybe they shoulda thunk before making fun of the people young people are seriously looking up to.

They may not be burning calves or anything, but a lot of these fans are really into this upbeat positive show which almost has a 1950's message of sucess to it: if you work very, very hard, have some real talent, and give real long term effort into your dreams, those dreams may be achievable, IF you are willing to reach deep inside yourself and work hard and face some honest truths about who you are and who you are not and work with who you are.

I noticed on another message board: "Man, its so uncool, I only got 15 votes in last night."

15 votes? 15 votes? Tell me that there isn't something wrong with this? How many people stop at just 1 call? Do you? I tried to figure out if this could be part of the impact of
votefortheworst.com's advice, if many people voted only once and it told its anti-judge pledgers to vote as many times as possible, then its impact might be disproportionately greater.

Unfortunately, if the first thing you did when you got here was try to go directly to their site, you may have noticed that links to the original site I quote have failed. Fox, which runs Idol has asked them to remove all of their copyrighted material, which is just about everything and the owners of the name have set it up to flip to another web page that must be earning much buckaroos for the honor. Perhaps once they have done so it will return, but for the mean time, they have been effectively booted off the internet.

In the mean time, by mentioning the web site, American Idol, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and all of the other hot issues, the chances of my blog coming up in a search on the topic are pretty good. So, since you are here anyway here's my 99 cents worth. If you are going to vote, don't be a mench. Hey, I could have been cheesier, I could have mentioned Paris Hilton or pregnant Britney Spears to get your hit. Oops, I did it again! Darn!

Vote for someone you would like to hear on the radio or on MTV in the future: or, God will get back at you, and whoever gets picked as this year's Idol will be the Star of Nemo 23 just about the time you have kids the right age to see it. And you will have to listen to him/her over, and over, and over again, all because of the career you launched by this Idol win that shouldn't have been. Barney came from somewhere, capiche?

The karma you toast may be your own!

Only you can prevent Forest Gumps!

That's it for this file,

Peter, Y'all come back now, Hear?

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Thanks for coming to my blog. See the update at:



5/24/2005 7:50 PM  
Blogger The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

Welcome! We are in yet another season of American Idol, still one of my favorite shows on television.

Oh, how I wish they would raise the age of entry up to mine or I would be at auditions as fast as all those thousands.

After all these months I still wonder about the issues raised here, but it does not change my enjoyment of the show one little bit. I still think it is one of the best things on TV.

Now that you are here, please look around. There is a lot of funny stuff to find. Especially the video of the magicians. Use my new search box at the top, or click on the favorites, or just listen to my corny theme song and give it your own rating.

If you like it, or think its awful tell your friends and have them rate it too, I won't delete the comments, good or bad as long as they don't contain profanity.

Is that Simon's real hair?

2/24/2006 1:28 PM  

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