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Monday, April 25, 2005

Ashley and the Girls Love Ryan and You Can Get in on the Action Too!


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My friend Joe, who I've known for more than 20 years, and who is a
really great guy, has a friend named Carole, who has a daughter named Ashley.

In 2002, one of Ashley's friends, a girl named Ryan died of lymphoma. Rather than sit around and do nothing about it, Ashley and some of Ryan's other friends formed a team and decided to get involved in fundraising for cancer research in honor of their friend Ryan.

Ashley has set up a website as part of her part to raise funds for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Elmhurst, Lombard and Villa Park Illinois.

So if you do nothing else worthwhile today, please encourage Ashley by visiting her site and reading about her friend and her efforts. Just check it out.

I assure you that these are real people, and not some made up internet hoax. I know Joe personally, and he does not bother to make up things like this, he is far too busy.

By the way, Ashley's goal is really modest. She is trying to raise $400 for cancer research. I get about 60 hits a day. If each of my visitors gave a buck, Ashley would hit her goal pretty soon. Really, what's a buck? You can't even get a latte at Starbuck for that. Of course, if you are going to bother to drag out the old credit card, how about a little more for a tax deductible cause and the joy you could bring to some young girls hearts?

Besides, the benefits that you enable from cancer research, may come back to help you. Ever smoke or live with someone who did? Tick, tick, tick. Let's keep Peter Jennings in our prayers, shall we? Lung cancer is a tough thing to beat, but he has a better chance now after decades of cancer research than he would have 40 years ago.

Got compassion? A flicker of human heart? Click on the link below to go to Ashley's website right now:

Ashley's Relay For Life Page Hosted by the American Cancer Society :

"The Donation page of Ashley Thorpe"

Thank you for your involvement!

My Fundraising Goal: $400.00
Money Raised as of April 25, 2005: $195.00

Forever loving our friend Ryan Vieu!

In 2002, I lost a best friend to cancer - her name was Ryan Vieu. And for the past three years my friends and I have been participating in Relay For Life, to remember her and to celebrate those who have survived cancer. Please, make a donation to my team (Ryan's Roundup) and to this amazing cause. Thank you very much.


Note that the thermometer may update as contributions come in to Ashley, but the figures probably won't. It would be really nice if we could pop the top off that thing, now wouldn't it?

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