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Friday, April 15, 2005

Two Free Albums You Can Download Today


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Perhaps you have not loaded all your CD's onto your home computer, whether it be the blue screen of death free Mac or the virus-prone worm targeted PC, and enjoyed shuffle play songs by category, or, listened to one of your custom song play lists, or even a listened to a smart list made by iTunes itself based on your preferences.

Perhaps you haven't bought an mp3 compatible CD player and used iTunes to burn mp3 CD's that hold 8 hours of party music that you can bring to the beach, a friend's house, listen to on the train or during a conclave or wherever.

Perhaps you have not discovered that in completing your album collection, it is a heck of a lot cheaper to pay 99 cents a song for those few tunes you liked on those vinyl albums you loved that are now warped beyond recognition, than pay $12.99 at Coconuts, if you can find them.

Perhaps you have not discovered the joy of getting 3-4 free songs a week downloadable free at the Apple.com iTunes music store. Or being able to check out 30 second samples of any new song before you buy, longer for iBooks, and watch music videos of many of the latest hits to help you decide about them.

But if you have done all that already and are a happy iTunes user, you might want to know about the two free albums hidden in the U.S. iTunes store. Sorry, overseas Peter Files readers will probably not be able to access them.

They are meant for new iPod users, but apparently anyone can download them for free. You don't have to own an iPod, even though iPods are so cool that Microsoft can't keep its own employees from bringing them to work.

If you have the iTunes music player, that is. (You will notice from the sidebar that I do not yet have an iPod. This is not the same as wanting an iPod.)

The first free album is a pop album and is called the Atlantic Lava Album and includes 16 songs:

Title and Registration 3:39 Death Cab for Cutie
Welcome to My Life 3:23 Simple Plan

Drive Away 3:19 Gratitude
Gotta Get Up from Here 3:39 Ellie Lawson
Lost Control 2:53 Unwritten Law
What You Want 5:20 John Butler Trio
When I'm Gone (Sadie) 4:19 No Address
Funny Little Feeling 2:47 Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers
Yesterday Never Tomorrows 5:20 The Stills
Louis XIV 2:44 Louis XIV
Broken Promises 3:15 Moments In Grace
You'll Never Guess Who Died 3:29 The Kinison
Pressure 3:28 Skindred
On Your Porch 5:11 The Format
Everyday 3:48 Toby Lightman
Shallow 3:34 Porcupine Tree

The second free album is called the iTunes New Music Sampler (Motown Edition) and includes these 12 tracks:

Blow It Out 3:04 Features
All At Sea 4:35 Jamie Cullum
Sunshine to the Rain 4:13 Miri Ben-Ari
Lonely 3:57 Akon
Golden Touch 3:27 Razorlight
Bigtime 3:43 The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Laura 3:38 Scissor Sisters
She Said 3:46 Brie Larson
Jus Anotha Shorty 3:49 O'Ryan
Sleeping With the Lights On 3:42 Teitur
Reach Out, I'll Be There 3:43 Michael McDonald
TKO 3:19 Le Tigre

So, if the idea of having a million tracks available to choose from and a few free ones to boot, appeals to you, you might want to check out the iTunes Online Store.

Next week, a really quite objective review, though likely dazzling, of the exciting iPod photo, or, if not next week, as soon as Apple sends me one to review.

In fact, I am available to review any and all of Apple's products and Apple compatible software an accessories. I will have to retain them however, to make sure they hold up under long-term use. As you can see, from the closing below, I am eminently qualified. LOL.

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