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Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Coldest Bus Stop In All Of Chicago - Seen From Above


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I know, with winter over and spring warming just thinking about winter and bus stops together is not your first choice, even with these new, more protected lighted bus stops that the City of Chicago worked out for CTA.

Still, as I was looking at Google Satellite Map images of Chicago, I realized that I ought to share the single coldest bus stop in Chicago with you.

I know it takes a lot of hubris to claim that, but trust me, this one has a lot going for it.

The intersection of Clark Street and Roosevelt Road is on a bridge elevated in the sky with absolutely nothing protecting it from the winds of Lake Michigan.

Worse yet, there is emptiness below it, and emptiness west beyond it as the bridge rises up to climb over the rail yards that go into LaSalle Street Station.

With the new townhouse developments that have crept up to it, but are still underneath the stop, it may be a touch warmer than in 1973 - 1977 when I waited for the #12 on that Godforsaken corner of doom, but still, the wind blows hard towards or away from the lake in stinging blasts. Can't tell from the photo if there is one of those new bus stops there, because the photos may pre-date the new shelters. Even so, without heat they won't do much good for the poor souls transferring from the Clark Street bus going to UIC or St. Ignatius to the west.

You might wonder, why stand out there in the miserable cold with no buildings to be found?

Taking the two block walk east to shelter meant risking missing a bus.

That meant risking being late.

That meant Jug, a detention devoutly to be missed, aye, there's the rub of ye olde mittens, the frost on the old scarf, as the bookbag weighs heavily on yon shoulders and the cold, oh the cold and no bathrooms in sight.

THIS! This is what drives white kids who know better to hitch a ride in high crime neighborhoods. The fact that they survive such rides says a lot of good things about humanity and makes one question the validity of stereotypes.

Now, back to thoughts about the warming weather of the coming spring.


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