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Saturday, April 23, 2005

JibJab.com is back with a Passover Video Animated Rap Special - Matzah!


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Since the Peter Files' last look at JibJab.com's web site they have done a lot of work and now a lot more of their older work is accessible to fans, in part due to the added banner ads and in part due to the paid download options for high quality copies of their movies and .mp3 files.

The site also has a number of e-cards that you can send, a library of animations that had been formerly unavailable, a newsletter and a blog; all much more fan oriented than before. What drew my attention was their newest submission, hot off the press.

Just in time for the celebration of the sacred Jewish observance of Passover JibJab.com has once again proved that there is nothing so sacred that they are not willing to make fun of it with their new animated rap video release Matzah - featuring Smooth-e Eric Schwartz.

Almost guaranteed to offend someone this Rap-style exposition will also probably cause breath taking laughter of familiarity amongst those who observe Passover, though the wailing done at the site referred to in the animation lately probably has nothing to do with religion. No, I'm not going to spoil it for you, just right click and watch it. I'll be right here waiting for you.

When it was able to get itself off the floor from laughing, the crackpot staff of The Peter Files did some investigating for you. Because I could not get to sleep again, I organized a directory of sorts of material spread over several pages that I thought you might enjoy. I've split it into sections and have ommitted some material that might be considered unsuitible for younger or more sensitive cousins, er readers.

I should note that this is my general policy, to be safe for work, safe for home, and to let you know if I am linking you to something that is in itself questionable. JibJib is safe but does fall into some juvenile humor. And some that does involve injury to cartoon figures. Including cartoon Santas. So don't go to anything marked Santa if there are kids in the room!

Hint: I found that once I was on the site, I could try to put any number in before the .html that was under, say 164, and many times something would come up that was not in the directory. You may want to try this for extra fun. Warning: WHO KNOWS what will come up? Hide the kids, shield the neighbors, you have been warned. Best hit the potty first too in case it is too funny for you to control yourself. I know, you THINK I'm kidding.

Here is the listing of things I found before I said, "Hey, my readers are smart, they can enter random numbers just as easily as I can":

Political Stuff

Good to Be in DC!

This Land - Starring Bush & Kerry

The Second Term

Bush On Education

Bush 1st White House Move-in Victory Dance

Bush vs Gore

Gore Campain Speech on Special Interests

Funny Foreign Names

Cooking With Clinton

Ahnuld for Governor

Click the figures in these next ones and see what happens:

Cowbow Hip-hop - You Make Him Groove Thang

DJ Fred and MC Ginger

Punk: Perfectly Clear: Peace, Love and Anarchy

Founding Fathers Rap

Geezers: The Musical

Dunk Bush

Dunk Gore

Dick Johnson Quiz Show

Other Comedy

Oscar Night

The Musical

Grumpy Santa

Nasty Santa: Home Video

That's it for this folder in the Peter Files.

Ahll Be Bahk!



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