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Monday, April 25, 2005

Green Valley Moments Reviews The Peter Files!


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The Peter Files Reviewed by Another Blog!

Stop the Presses! For the first time ever, a Peter Files File has been reviewed by another blog, Green Valley Moments.

"Funny, funny stuff"

"This reads like a cross between Ron Popeil (…but wait! …there’s more!) and Bob Newhart (”Well, you see Ms. Westen, when you posted those pictures from the beach party on your blog, you weren’t just storing them on your own computer.)
Are you tired of being in the same old rut?

Would you like to make money the fast and easy way?

Does the idea of sitting at home typing a few hours a day at your keyboard, listening to music, watching videos, tossing down brewskis and watching ESPN while the money rolls in, appeal to you?

Then you my friend, may have just the skills needed to enter the:

International World of Internet Blog Repair!

So thanks to Green Valley Moments for this blog's first known public review, a blog about life in the slow lane in Green Valley Arizona, and a blog of High Taste and Quality if ever I have seen one!

One reason worth visiting Green Valley Moments, by the way, besides the interesting posts, are the links to other blogs in his sidebar.

That's it for this file, your blushing correspondent,

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Anonymous OldGeezer said...

Thanks for the links and the praise, but you are too humble.

I don't think this was the first time your blog was mentioned by another blog.

Keep up the funny stuff!


4/26/2005 10:43 AM  
Blogger The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

What a nice guy!

4/26/2005 1:11 PM  

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