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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Fundraiser to Help Jim Bough, Age 49, Fight Stage IV Lung Cancer and Pay Medical Bills, June 25th, 2005 at Woodstock, IL Moose Lodge : Ashley's Update


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At Jim Bough's Lung Cancer Fundraising Website you can find information about the June 25th Spaghetti Dinner Buffet fundraising dinner at the Moose Lodge in Woodstock, IL, as well as several larger raffles, a silent auction, an appearance by ABC's John Garcia and how to get in on the Jewel Shop and Share days June 26th - 28th.

Click here from more info on the Dream Vacation Raffle - Valued at over $8,750

Click here from more info on the Beachy Keen Vacation - Valued at over $1,700

Of course the website also has a lot of information about Jim, his family and his situation. As a self-employed contracter, aged 49, things are tough on his family right now. Medical Bills are sky high and prayers and support are needed as much for Jim's family as for himself.

Thanks again to my friend Joe for bringing this to my attention.

I hope that those of of you are able can help via a contribution, doing the Jewel shop thing, or at least helping by clicking on the mail icon to mail this message to someone who can. If you mail it to yourself first, you wil find it much easier to forward to a large number of people.

Sometimes a little help from the many can solve the overwhelming needs of the few or the one better than trying to convince the few or the one to give overwhelming help though the need is clearly there for all to see.
-- Spock, Star Trek XXIV (Not yet written)


P.S. Don't forget Ashley and her teammates who are running in the American Cancer Society's Relay for life on June 17, 2005 in honor of their girlfirend Ryan who died of Cancer at a very young age. Ashley has been very excited at the response from readers of this blog and so I remind you that it is not too late to teach this young teen (that I have never met but who is likewise a friend of Joe's - either Joe has a lot of friends OR it is dangerous to know Joe! Nah, it's the former. LOL....

So go ahead,

Make Ashley's Day!

Click Here to Reach Ashley's Page for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Elmhurst, Lombard, Villa Park - June 17, 2005

For more my last story on Ashley and Ryan go to:

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