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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Poor Cubs are Dead: An Original Musical Reflection On The Chicago Cubs Season of 2007


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The Poor Cubs Are Dead
An Original Parody By PJF
To by sung to Oklahoma!'s "Pore Judd is Daid" By Rodgers and Hammerstein

Corrected 10/7/2007

The Poor Cubs Are Dead
And down hang their heads
Another season ends in despair

We thought they had a chance
But the Diamondbacks offence
Wiped us out in three straight games fair.

Poor Cubs, Poor Cubs,
Poor Us, spending up to 2000 bucks.

The Poor Cubs are dead
The Pennant race in shreds
No more games till next spring lie ahead

Till then we have to weep
Our Spirits they must seep
As Sox fans rub '05 in once again.

Holy smoke, we're a joke
And yet our spirits aren't quite broke
Perhaps we aren't insane
Long as we've got that goat to blame
'Cause Bartman doesn't stand the test of time.

The poor Cubs are dead
But next season lies ahead
And we drink so much that we will soon forget, soon forget
That this year's little miss
Was just short of Heaven's bliss
As we root, root, toot the Cubbies once again.

Poor Cubs, Poor Cubs
That's what they get for not being on regular TV.

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