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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Mentos and Diet Coke Rocket Fuel Fountain Show


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Revised: Since this was first posted on YouTube.com the video was taken off YouTube and replaced with this copy from another source. This may mean that the other source has a better claim, it may mean that both have problematic histories. If you are the owner of this piece and do not want it to appear on this blog, please let me know. Otherwise I will assume that there was an original error and that this has been corrected.

If you have not been a fan of the online video websites where you can upload and see non-adult amateur video, you may have missed this new trend in uploaded videos.

Video geniuses add a tab or two of Mentos candy to bottles of Diet Coke and watch the resulting explosive reaction, far greater than you get with baking soda and vinegar, with amusement and glee.

I'm not sure who started this current trend, but this video may darn well finish it. Called the Mentos Diet Coke show was originally submitted by Nieuwszicht to YouTube.com, this video takes the "pop a Mentos candy into a liter bottle of Diet Coke and run so you don't get wet" joke to the level of an art form as they bring us a fountain of Diet Coke and raise it to an art form.

While not exactly Buckingham Fountain, their Diet Coke show IS worth watching with a well-timed and amusing array of effects that was good enough to get the group on Late Night with David Letterman.

Add the white raincoats and soundtrack and you have something special here. If you like it, send your friends here to see it!

The kiddies are already trying this at home, so I am not sure what good a warning will do! But if you do want to spend the money to try this at home, do wear a raincoat, protect your eyes with good eye protecting goggles from the hardware store, and be carefull, watching out for flying objects. Really, don't do this at home.

Kudos to Nieuwszicht for having not only one of the best videos out, but one of the hardest to spell, thus reducing the chance of imitation. LOL!

Of course, if their success leads someone to top them, so be it! Only greater laughs are in our future.

See you in Diet Coke Orbit.


Diet Coke and Mentos are registered trademarks of their parent companies.

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