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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's Your Celtic Horoscope Sign?


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What? A Celtic Horoscope Sign? What's that?

Well, the Celts had their own study of astronomy and the stars reflecting their own religious beliefs which were much more earth centered. This meant that their signs were more earth and nature centered and had different meanings that what we consider the "traditional" horoscope signs of Scorpio, Libra, Cancer, Leo, etc.

I am not an expert on these systems, that is about the extent of my knowledge. But you might have fun going to the blogthings.com website and taking this quiz. Find out your own sign and what it means.

Does it apply to you. I think mine is pretty darn close. Report back if you think yours is too!

You Are A Chestnut Tree

You are a born diplomat with a well developed sense of justice.
And even though you're impressive and intimidating, you're also fun to be around.
You can be irritated easily, and you sometimes act superior.
Nevertheless, you are sensitive of others feelings and very loyal.
Sometimes you feel misunderstood and are fiercely close to those who know you best.

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