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Monday, February 05, 2007

Update: Post-Super Bowl Breakdown: Bears Are NFC Champions, We Still Have the Commercials


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By the middle of the fourth quarter it became clear that the 2006-2007 American Football NFL Football Season would be remembered in Chicago as the year the Chicago Bears won the NFC Championship.

Yes, there was that Super Bowl thingy that year after, where the Bears set the record for the first opening kick return for a touchdown, but in the end, Chicago was proud of the Bears, da Bears, for bringing home the National Conference Championship win.

Some have already muttered "Next year, next year," but I think that they are throwing the Bears wins out with the bath water. THe Chicago Bears played in the Super Bowl this year and to do that they had one of their greatest seasons ever.

This last game was marred by bad weather, and perhaps atypical play. No one Bear can be singled out for poor play, in many ways the difference between victory and loss in this game was just the way the ball bounced, and I hope next year, the Bears will be there to see it bounce their way next time.

Funniest commercial. I missed many of them working on this blog and listening to this broadcast via the NFL's free link to Satellite Radio coverage which seemed to be nearly entirely commercial free. This allowed me to hobble painfully downstairs to see important plays and still keep some blog re-organizing going.

But I did see one commercial that had to be one of the evening's funniest for those who were aware of the long-term feud between David Letterman and Oprah that viewers were led to believe were settled last year when Oprah appeared on the Late Show to bury the hatchet (not in Dave's neck though).

According to this ad, promo, whatever, things seem to have improved even more than we thought...

That commercial is not, so far, available for replay on the NFL site, but most of the others are at CBS.com's NFL Superbowl website that has a special section with a media player player dedicated to replaying the commercials. You can view them there by quarter or by advertiser. So if the favorite part of the game for you this year might have been the commercials. Viola! Here they are, except for the locals and CBS promos.

For Bears fans it was frustration to the nth degree after about the 1st quarter. To Colts fans, a come from behind and win hugely exciting. I bet that they are saying "next time too".

As for the Bears, they still will always know that they were there. And I will always believe that it was not really fair that the game was not here where the frigid weather would have given them the true home team advantage that they deserved. Not the Miami monsoon weather they got.

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