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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is American Idol Fixed?


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Yep, with a little of Season 6 of American Idol under our belts , the question that has haunted the show since the beginning is back. Let me step back a little.

I was standing in line at CVS and just before I darted back to Pharmacy to have them check me out (much faster than waiting for 8 people - should I admit this?) I noticed one of the tabloids with a huge headline.

No, not "George and Laura Bush split!" or words to that effect. That was another tabloid. I find it hard to believe that that one is true.

No, another claimed "American Idol Results Fixed By Judges! Winner Decided Ahead of Time!", again, or words to that effect. Since I tend to ignore the tabloids on most occasions I don't have that quick identification of which one is which, you'll have to go out to your favorite tabloid source if you want to get the details on either of these compelling works of ... hmmn, facts or fiction?

Do you believe everything you read in the newspaper? If so then those judges are guilty as sin. But then, doesn't talent naturally rise to the top? Isn't it likely that in any pool of inexperienced but talented singers that some would stand out as more together than others from the start? If the judges notice this, and comment accordingly, is the fix in or are they just being honest, or, are they even digging at those behind to het them mad enough to work at their highest level.

Isn't that Simon's game after all?

Well. Here's a poll. We have not had one in awhile. Don't let my ramblings influence your feelings one bit.

How likely do you think it is that the American Idol Judges attempt to fix the results?

They obviously can't completely control the outcome without telephone vote fraud on a massive scale. I'm sure those numbers must be being audited carefully. But still, they have a lot of influence. There is a pretty wide scale here, there are no wrong answers here, just give your best gut feeling. If you have friends interested in Idol have them take it too.

Remember, this is a non-randomized poll, so its non scientific survey, so its results are worth zilch. But it might still be interesting to see what people say.

Thanks for helping out.

How likely do you think it is that the American Idol results are fixed, that is to the degree possible, that the judges try to fix the shows results?
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Before signing off, many kudos to well deserving Golden Globe winner Jennifer Hudson who received an Academy Award Best Supporting Actress nomination Tuesday morning for her role in Dreamgirls. Jennifer, a Chicago native, was of course knocked out of the American Idol competition earlier than many of her fans wanted. She had a great deal of south Side Chicago support, especially at Beverly Rare Records at 116th or 118th and South Western Avenue where she was a regular in their karaoke shop. Go Jennifer!

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