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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tired of Telemarketers? Bet this one won't call Tom Mabe Back


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It's easy to hate telemarketers. They often call at the worst possible time. We usually don't want what they are selling, and if they are political - heck, we're inundated with calls before an election.

Sometimes you get a call from someone who is obviously very young and inexperience and afraid. I have more sympathy with them. They are almost certainly students struggling to get by, I just try to get them off the phone politely and quickly.

Survey takers, by which I mean those actually doing real studies, not hawking products under the guise of a survey, are a different thing. Those are usually used to make decisions that are likely to affect me, otherwise I wouldn't be getting the call, so I try to do those, besides, sometimes those lead to a paying focus group!

How much? If there is a focus group, anywhere from $50-$300 depending on how hard it is to find people who qualify for the survey. As I said, I almost always do telephone surveys.

But in most cases, I have little patience for the long term, hard nose, professional telemarketer: e.g., aluminum siding and home repairs sales, magazine subscription sales, and anyone who violates my listing on the Do Not Call List Registry.

With that in mind, I thought I would share this little gem from the mind of Tom Mabe a professional consumerist who tries to make things better for all of us. After being a guest on a widely known talk show, He sent them this mildly censored tape of a phone call where he scared the daylights out of a new and nervous telemarketer, perhaps saving us from yet another pro time-waster in the future.

Hysterically funny.

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