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Monday, February 12, 2007

Old Navy Sells Baby & Kids: I Thought Selling Children Was Illegal


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Why should Jay Leno and David Letterman be the only ones who find something funny in ads and newspaper accounts. This may not be a mistake exactly, but still...


My first reaction was - Old Navy is selling babies? Hey wait, those other kids look too old to be babies, and isn't that illegal?

Only then did I see the word kids there also.

Then I did a reality check - they must mean that they are selling clothes and other stuff.

Right? Right?

Still, they could have shown an item or two for sale on that first page.

I mean really. These days, parents don't like even the hint of baby sales, that is the idea of babies being sold for cash, probably in unmarked, non-sequential, pre-multicolor bills.

After all, where exactly would Old Navy get these babies and kids anyway?

BTW, I'm not picking on Old Navy, its a fine store. Just their advertising people. Heads of advertising agencies are known for having a great sense of humor you know. Especially when a major Sunday ad could embarrass them with a big client.


Maybe they were trying to get on Leno and/or Letterman with this for some extra free national exposure.

Will they be disappointed if I am the only outlet that covers this?

At least there were not prices under each kid...

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