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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Scooter Libby: Sliced Pineapple or Strained Peas?


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The nice thing about W's administration is that my young memories of Nixon have schooled me insofar as just what to expect. If Scooter's conviction holds up, and it seems that this conviction has, er, wheels, then "Have we only just begun" to dig?

I do think more highly of Bush than Nixon, BTW. In intro to psychology they referred to two personality types that seemed to be direct opposites - anal retentives and anal expulsives. I am certain that these are not the correct technical term. That class was almost 3 (shudder) decades ago..

Tricky Dicky Nicky was the classic AR and W might be seen as a AE - at least in the outgoing get it all out there sense. What the meaning of "it" is, I leave to you.

So here we are again, a very senior Republican Official is going to jail for essentially using black bag kind of tactics to get the administration's way. This time actually, it seems, potentially risking the safety of CIA assets along the way. This goes a lot deeper than paltry break-in style panty-raids at the Watergate.

Its time for the question to be asked: D? W? What did you know and when did you know it and was Arnuhld in the loop?

Have further White House souces been implicated or have they just been foisted off on travel junkets to Iraq with Red Queen in exile Catherine Coulter. Is she truly going to Britain just so she can light up a fag* when she wants one?


Can it be true? Can Americans be waking up and deciding that they have had enough with Rough Limbaugh?

Or is there a new trend forming just because Robin Williams and Jennifer Hudson would really make a sizzlin' Presidential and Vice-Presidential Pairing.

A plus, we get all those extra National Anthems for free!

I really do hate to see anyone go to jail. I suspect that if Scooter does any time at all it will be in Club Martha Stewart, recently redecorated in lime, mango and casaba. But one never knows.

Its not nice to play with national security. Perhaps there will be a short stay at Guantanamera Bay first.

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