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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hu's vs Who's on First: Battle of the Comic Videos


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We have for you today, a battle between two comedy videos. One, the very recently released video presentation of the emailed routine "Hu's on first?", a political roast of George Bush and Condi Rice, and the other the classic Abbott and Costello baseball routine "Who's on first?". Please feel free to tell me in comments which you think is funnier, you don't have to register to make a comment. I only remove ads or ones with obscenities not in keeping with the SFW nature of this blog.

One of our posts that gets the most hits, is the "Hu's on First" bit that I posted in March of 2005, based on an email that was forwarded by my friend DZ who is ever faithful in forwarding the best of jokes making the rounds.

One nice part about the post is that it not only has the new joke about George and Condi, but has a direct link to the Abbot and Costello radio routine about baseball which is much funnier than the George Bush version.

The Bush version has pointlessly added a few insensitive lines with no real comedic value. See if you can spot them.

Now that you have seen the copy, here's the original. I think you will agree that there is no competing with masters like Abbott & Costello.

Now wasn't that refreshing? Nothing like comedy from the masters. What timing, emotion, the sense that Abbott could be killed at any moment because Lou was so upset but of course never would be so much as touched by his age old friend. Ah, what comedy was meant to be.

Compare that to the Bush, video: it was the cracks about Condi's race and ebonics that almost made me ignore it. It wasn't in the original script, and added nothing of real comedic value to the video. Certainly no laughs like we saw in Abbott and Costello's original. If the video maker had worked harder, I bet he could have gotten around them. Of course, who knows, perhaps I got a pre-censored version by someone who the lines grated on; but there were other differences in the script - so I suspect not.

But I decided to keep it in just to illustrate the point that you can add ignorance and insensitivity to a bit without adding a bit of humor, while adding humor takes talent and brilliance.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed them!

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Peter, Chief Editor and Spell Wrecker
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