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Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC


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If you've missed the Apple and PC commercials go to Apple.com to see them first - they point out the many, many advantages of Macs over PC's in many areas: user friendliness, graphics, fun, lack of crashing, etc.

These brillint and hysterically funny parodies, produced by YouTube.com contributor ItsJustSomeRandomGuy parody the PC Vs Mac TV commercials and pit rival publishers DC Comics and Marvel Comics through their respective Superheroes Superman and Spiderman, both of which have had recent movie experience.

The rivalry between the two publishing houses has gone on for decades. Marvel Comics produces or has produced Spiderman, X-Men, The Fantastic 4, Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and many other gritty strips.

DC Comics has a long history of publishing including Batman, Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow. the short lived, Forever People, and The Shadow of the 70's and more recently, Krypto - The Super Dog, currently a staple of the current WB Saturday lineup, though Krypto's comic book seems to have stalled after 5 or 6 issues, possibly because his main audience is aged 4-8 and a bit too young to buy comics for themselves..

Here they are, some commentary to follow!

Hi! I'm a Marvel, and I'm a DC... (Welcome Back Superman!)

Hi! I'm a Marvel, and I'm a DC... (Good Times, Good Times)

Hi! I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC... (It's Still Moving,)

Hi! I'm a Marvel, and I'm a DC... (You Got Dock Ock and I Got A Rock)

Hi! I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC... (Batman and Spidey Compare)

Hi! I'm a Marvel and I'm Batman (The Dark Knight Adds Perspective)

These videos have cast Marvel in the Mac role, suggesting that DC comic characters are lame compared to the Ma rvel Super heroes, but in the Marvel vs DC comic book conflict I have always leaned towards towards DC, though I read pretty much everything I could get my hands on.

There used to be a small store a half block west of the Rexal Drugs west of Ellis at 79th Street in Chicago in the 60's, a little hole in the wall really. The owner would buy new a 12 cent comic book for 7 Cents and sell it for 10, a used one for 3 and sell it for 5, and 80 page or a 100 page giant for 10 cents and sell it for 15. My brother and I could pool our allowances and through judicious recycling, could strech our combined 45 cents allowance into quite a bit of weekly reading, even if we spent a nickle or dime on candy.

The big battle was not to spend 12, (later 13) cents for a brand new comic book, though we often could not help ourselves. Trading at straight value was of course a good deal, but this was where relative value of comics came in and the DC/Marvel controversy would come in.

Generally, except for Spiderman and the Fantastic Four, DC Comics were preferred to Marvel, at least a bit, so in multi-issue trading, you often got an extra issue if you were canny. Of course, if you had DC 100 page giants (or 80 page giants which they published instead when they were trying to keep from raising the face cost of the comic books) Marvel often had no equivelent. And so you could get extra issues that way.

Then there were always cross-overs to consider. The Marvel heroes did not cross-over nearly as much as the DC heroes did at first. So that gave us a lot more to buy.

Anyway, I hope you liked these.

If they don't all play I will come back and split this into several posts!

Ta for not!

And hey, Krypto is a little juvenile but fun for little kids. Batdog is so dry in his humor he is a scream.

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