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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Won't Somebody Help Me Look For it, I'll Search Until the Dawn For it Seems I've Lost Me Virture and I Don't Know Where Its Gone


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This post is about two friends of mine who have a creatively suggestive folk singing act. Their music is anything but explicit, but, if you have a dirty mind and are easily offended, best skip on to my next post.

I first met The Tinker when he was directing community theatre on the South Side of Chicago. I was his third choice to play a part that two others had turned down. We both considered ourselves lucky, that they did as it turned out to be a great production and we became friends. Well at least I have considered myself lucky.

Later, the Tinker met Molly and they began performing together. Then they decided to start a musical act and performed in public as Molly and the Tinker at the Bristol renaissance Faire on the Illinois-Wisconsin Border and in local taverns, pubs, dives, and anywhere they could put out their hat.

Interestingly, people find their music funny, enjoyable, and worth coming back to over and over.

Especially when the audience has had a lot to drink.

Molly & the Tinker perform quite a bit in the Chicago Region, especially around St. Paddy's Day and are well worth the trip out to see them.

M & T can be a bit bawdy. As they say, they don't do dirty songs, they do clean songs for dirty minds. Their backgrounds in music and live theater make them a great deal of fun to watch.

Especially Molly.

Molly says that the Tinker is worth watching too. Or was that needs watching?

Over the years they have put together quite a number of locally produced tapes and CD's of very high quality. Often with incredible local talent added to it.

They do a lot of their own material, the title of this post is straight out of one of their funniest songs Virtue (See links below. Warning: bawdy. Don't go there if you have a fertile imagination and are easily offended.)

I am also very fond of
Gort which the Tinker thought up after they made a trip to Ireland and stumbled upon the town that no one would ever dream of naming a song after.

Think Hooterville.

No, come to think of it Gort is industrial, and on the sea, and Hooterville has at least one song in
Green Acres and the Petticoat Junction Theme Song might count too.

I hear the people of Gort are wild about the fact that they have a song now.

Maybe someone from there will find this Blog and let me know how they feel. Has the song brought Gort added attention and commerce?
Are Molly and the Tinker local Folk Heroes?

Just Wondering.

M & T Originals:

Check out their web site by clicking on the title of this post or the one on the right. Try to catch their act if you can, it is well worth it.

They are darn funny. Oh, as well as traditional folk guitar, flute, and other Irish instruments, Molly plays a mean hammer dulcimer. That in itself is worth the trip out. That and the Tinker's Jokes.

He tries to get the best of Molly in their word play but often winds up with the, er, short end of the stick, as it were, eh.....

That's it for this file, (:-)>



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