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Thursday, May 26, 2005

American Idol Results Fixed? Say it isn't So Simon Fuller!


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The results are in and Carrie Underwood is the new American Idol.

In a triumphant ending she gracefully and emotionally ended this season's
American Idol, and soon the Idol Fan Boards were buzzing.

Pro-Carrie fans were joyous and some a bit snobbish while some pro-Bo fans
wept, including some as young as three and five.

Amidst the fan furor though was raised the spectre of the possibility that,
with no slights meant to Ms. Underwood, that show producer Simon Fuller had
announced to a member of the British Press, Jason Nisse of Britain's Independent News as early as Sunday, May 22th, 2005 that Carrie Underwood was the winner of the show.

But how could this be if America did not vote until the evening of Tuesday May 24th?

Holy Time Travel, Batman!

Well there are several possibilities. One that the article is a hoax, another
that the article found was a placeholder for one to be released next weekend
that was accidentally allowed out onto the net before it should have been with
one of the two names in and it happened to be the right one by chance, and the
last one is of coursem that something was afoot at Fox.

Simon Fuller by the way is not to be confused with Simon Cowell the critic that
everyone loves to hate, Fuller was being listed as one of the 5 Brits in the 25
Stars of Europe named by Business Week as Reported by Independent News Reporter
Jason Nisse.

The story was presumably online on the Sunday the 22nd, and then pulled later.

The original story is gone but the Google News Cache, an online image of Sunday's page remains. The Google News Cache of the story which cites Fuller naming Carrie Underwood as the Winner in time for the Sunday 5/22/05 story can be reached by clicking the photo at the bottom of the link. This post came from Fox Idol Fan site member HPalmer6 who deserves credit for being one of those to notice the story on the Independent website.

Finally, the message that brought it all to my attention. It claims that Fox has been deleting similar messages, but I took the precaution of copying it just in case. (See below) In the mean time, since it appears that the post HAS dissapeared, the google cache with the incriminating echo of the missing article can be also found by clicking on the title of this post above.

Scam, misunderstanding or Smoking gun?

To be fair to Fox, which is a really big boy and should not really need the help, there could be a genuine misunderstanding here. The date thing could be a result of how Google's dating of its cache files work. (I can hear Fox executives muttering Hmmmn, yesss, hmmmmn, mussst beee thaattt, yessss, mmy preecciousss. Remember folks at Fox Legal this is a humor and SATIRE blog - no one really expects me to be right about this stuff.) However, so far, I am only reporting, and sataritically commenting on what I have seen out there.

So has American Idol become a form of pro wrestling or is all safe in Paula land?

I don't know. But I expect that unless some answers appear really fast things
are going to get loud pretty darn soon. Maybe that's why Bo got a car too? That
is just Idol speculation. LOL.

Either way it should reflect on neither of the show's two young stars, nor any
of the other finalists who joined them tonight - they were great.

Their only real problem was that George Benson guy who just about stopped the
show, but c'mon, it was George Benson, who cared at that point?

Of course the fans on the board went wild, in fact the message boards were a little like Detroit after an NBA championship win before they wised up, what flames there were.

Let's hope all of this amounts to sound and fury and is forgotten in a few days.

There are more important things in the world, like cancer benefits, see the posts further down, and poverty, and hunger, and AIDS in AFRICA (must.. stay... focused... on... the.... real..... pro.. blems... o..f.. the......)

Hey, way to go on that skit Paula and Randy Dawg. Really funny. You really made
us feel like you were in the moment you know, like you were totally comfortable
up there making fun of Simon like that. I think when all the votes are tallied,
we'll be seeing you two next season.

Hope you'll think about getting rid of that ageist age limit thing too. That makes no sense, why, my man Bo couln't even have been on the show if he had been but a few years older, lets keep it really real dawg, lets move it up to 60! Peace out!


Is this An Idol Rumor or a Smoking Gun

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