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Friday, October 19, 2007

Man With Back Injury Slips on Soapy Foot and Injures Toe


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Chicago - Peter Files Press International: Man With Back Injury Slips on Soapy Foot and Injures Toe, Eenie, Meenie and Miney Unavailable For Comment

Um, that would be me!

If only I had had a camera running. My left leg fell completely under my upper leg.

My foot was so slippery there was no resistance.

My left big toe tried to stop it all and got twisted back.

My right arm tried to forestall my descent through the bathroom doorway to the vinyl floor of the kitchen at 32 feet/second squared and failed pulling the toe in the opposite direction that nature intended and causing a gash in my right arm.

Yippie, yappie, yahoooie.

I need to visit Dr. Jack. When he gives me a shot I usually drop it in a beer, follow it with a beer or have the shot in an Ice cold Coca-Cola. But I haven't seen Dr. Jack in a long time, sigh.

Well, we'll see if I have to go to the emergency room tomorrow.

In the mean time, I suppose if I have to, I could get bewitched and settle for a call from Dr. Bombay, preferably with a little 7-Up or tonic.

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