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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day by Day: I'm A Global Warming and I'm Not


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I was looking through old strips of the comic day by day by the stingingly funny and politically relevant Chris Muir, which you can see new every day in the comments section of each Peter Files Blog post. That's because the talented and generous Mr. Muir allows us mere bloggers to do so for free. Thanks Chris! I think your strip is great!

You can also see day by day if you come to a post directly through the recent posts list on the sidebar, or do a Google search of our blog using the blue box above that takes you to any single post, for example, yesterday's superhero parodies of the Mac commercials or that great epic How You Give a Cat a Pill.

We used to host day by day at the top of the page but got comments that it took too long to get to into each of our daily posts (not everyone is surfing on a high speed line), so we moved day by day into the insides of our blog, but it is still accessible to you every day. Check it out! It's worth it.

To see today's day by day entry, for example, if you have not come directly to this post alone, just click on the name of this post, or on the comments section line, and it should appear at the bottom of that page!

Day by day also appeals to a slightly older crowd, and while not adult, we have made it a little harder for the 10 and under crowd to find. Not that I am getting any feedback that the 10 and under crowd are reading this blog, but it is supposed to be SFH and, well some of the day by day outfits are a bit skimpy.

But I found this one worth bringing to the top. It follows in the vein of yesterday's Marvel vs Action videos.

day by day © 2007 by chris muir


If you liked this one and want to see more, just right-click on it to go to the day by day web page and that will allow you to go back and read strips going back to 2002, and add the strip to your own blog for free if you like.

Kids Joke heard in passing*:

Q: Why did the sucker cross the road?

A: It was stuck to the chicken!

*From an honest to goodness kid, imagine that.

I really liked that one. I think it was, after the surprise of an actual original answer to a chicken-across-the-road joke, imagining just how annoyed that chicken might be with a sucker stuck to its feathers. Laughing further, I realized we not had a motivation for the chicken to get across the road, to get to some water to get the darn sucker off his back! Hope you like it too.

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