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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Dog of a Hard Drive Ate Your Lesson Plans Honey


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Dear Honey,

Sorry to leave you such bad news taped to the computer so early in the morning, but I thought it best to get out of the house for a little early morning exercise after staying up all night trying to find your missing computer files.

Brace yourself, I think that dog of a hard drive of ours ate your lesson plan folder.


I spent most of last night looking for the files you asked me to, but could not find them. I am hoping that I just misunderstood the file names or the places you keep things, but I don't think so.

Really, it's not my fault. I thought that the drive causing the problems was an old external drive and not our internal drive, and well, I think I was wrong.

If you cannot find copies in your internet email sent folder, perhaps, your Principal Mr. Whizbang, has not deleted his copies? You do email them to him each week, right? He wouldn't just delete them, would he?

Gulp? Hard thing to ask him for though, I know.

Have you kept paper copies? Yes?

In the classroom?

If so we can scan those (I mean, at home) so that you have a record of what happened, and then move on from there. Because your lesson plans have such simple graphics, it may be able to convert them to text WITHOUT corrective typing! Woo Haa!

I tried to find all of the remaining school-related files and build links to them or move them directly to the main Mac Hard Drive. Then I backed them up on your personal folder on the newer "The Truth" drive which I just renamed.

The "bad" drive has been turned off and should not be a problem again. I mean the old drive. If the Data was eaten by the internal drive we have real problems, but I am now backing up things regularly to "The Truth". Bet you will be glad to know that "The Truth" is out there now. Protecting us, I mean.

If the internal drive on our Mac dies completely, well, getting an internal drive replaced on an 800Mhz G4 iMac, well, we might as well upgrade to one of the new 3 Ghz iMacs for the money we'd spend. But I think we could do it, technically. Let's cross that dual-core when we come to it.

At any rate, so you that you could find files and things more easily, I moved copies of those early lesson plan files for reading and social studies to the hard drive. I could not find any for math and science! But the later ones you wanted were gone. I also built links to the files you have put on all our external drives on the main Mac drive so that you did not have to hunt for them anymore. Your links are all colored red now too so that you can find them easily.

Please don't delete anything without checking with me. Since I started making these links for you files you put on external drives may not really be a copy.....

While searching for your student teacher's book order, I did find a cd on which I had burned all the 2006 files at one point, so perhaps I made a backup earlier in 2007 too, I hope so, I will look for that tomorrow. I remember wanting to last month, I just don't know if I got to it. I slipped and fell down the back stairs just around then so I might have forgotten too.

Oh, on the other topic, I did not find your student teacher's book order in the stack that is now on the floor or the computer table, or the two bins of computer-related output, so don't look there.

I love you!


(P.S. one of the searches I set up was inside all of the text documents for the the name of your school and that did not pull up any later lesson plans. So I think that is really it. There is a small chance that getting file recovery software might work, but with only a gig left on our main drive the chances that the free space isn't overwritten and trashed regularly is pretty remote.)

They say truth is stranger than fiction. Is "The Truth" really out there, or is this fiction? Only "Peter" and his Teacher Honey know in ... The Peter Files.....

Peter, Chief Editor and Spelling Wrecker
The Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire and Commentary

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