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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Five-Year Old Disables Peter Files Blog for Three Weeks


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He's getting nuttin' for Christmas
Mommy and Daddy are mad
He's getting nuttin for Christmas...

No, not true, but disabling the family computer for two weeks goes on "The List".

"The List" you ask?

"The List".

The one that comes out for dates he cares about when he's seriously dating and finally, finally it is time to get even for stunts like this one. I won't go into the gory details, but it was definitely the 5-year old who caused the outage of posts the last few weeks, though sliding down the front stairs on my back in the slush did not help either.

Unfortunately, I can't quote myself in either case this being a family blog, nor could I really punish him for the first incident and the latter was definitely my fault, socks are not slush approved foot attire, even invisible slush.

That's the last time I chase a news carrier to try to mete out a holiday tip though! Last year I got tip notes from 3 different carriers and swore to give only to the right one by giving early. I saw him, opened the door in my socks, hit the porch and kept going! Ouch! No fun! My back was not meant to be a toboggan! Nor was my head. It was in bad enough shape already.

As for the critter whop disabled the blog, I did not even figure out he was the cause of the problem until I figured out the problem two weeks late. Pluggo, Pluggere, Pullee, Outem!

I know, how could I have missed a pulled out plug you say? Because he had pulled it out only so far - and so sometimes it worked long enough for the startup sequence to begin and start vibrating the drives which would then wiggle it loose again.

Oh, it was a frustrating situation.

I only figured it out when I disconnected everything on my way to the computer store and was about to put it in the box and wondered, was that power cable loose? Should I try that fix where you plug in only your Mac with no external peripherals and see if that works better.

Oh. Oh. Started right up the first time. The problem was not with the monitor. Oh. Memory of small boy near power cords. Oh. Oh. Oh.

The lowest form of comedy indeed.

Fortunately I rent him by the week! I need inspiration for my kid jokes you know. Can you imagine if I was actually a parent?

Peter, Chief Editor and Spelling Wrecker
The Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire and Commentary

Addendum: Sadly, I was unable to edit the blog from external locations as I was recovering from some disability related medical procedures. We don't have a back up, if you would like to help improve our blog technology there are two ways, a direct donation through the box above, an indirect donation by buying things from Amazon after starting from this blog, or by visiting our advertisers in logarithmically diminishing value. Thanks for even thinking of it for a nanosecond!

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