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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A (Musical Comedy) Tribute to Pi


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This post is dedicated to my friend Tom G. who would have found this music video by the group hard n phirm even funnier than I do. Tom also would have been pleased with its accuracy and completeness.

Our friend Bob Z., who incorporated pie fights into his melodramas set around the ancient Greek gods would have loved it too.

NSFW? Note: This video contains the "F" word. Once. So, don't blare it at work if this is a problem. Or at home if you have a toddler who will then go on to repeat it endlessly like any new word without knowing what it means.

Normally, I would not post it because of this, but it is just too funny. You have been warned.

I don't know about you, but I find the chorus of this song, which repeats Pi out to about 100 significant figures especially catchy

It's got a beat, you can dance to it, its edutainment, I give it a 95.

Tom G. specialized, at friends' weddings, at serving up, instead of the wedding cake, the wedding Pi. He would come up to the mike and announce just that, take a pause and begin:

Tom recited Pi, "3.14159...." to about 100 places with full dramatic range, sparing no punches, high drama, low drama, comedy, tragedy, cragedy, all within the recitation of these numbers.

Alas, after surviving testicular cancer, Tom's heart succumbed to the effects of weakness from chemotherapy while he partied all night long in Barcelona (typical work night) on his new dream consulting job as an Apple consultant.

At least Tom got a bite of Apple pie before he moved on. So to me this video is extra screamingly funny. It's not just a recitation of numbers, but a whole commentary on numbers, numerology and who might care about Pi and how far a normal person might take it. Very creative. You'll really enjoy it. Trust me, I know Comedy when I feel it.

Peter, Chief Editor, Spelling Wrecker, and Apple Pi Lover
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Now playing: Scott McKenzie - San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
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Now playing: Scott McKenzie - San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
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Now playing: Scott McKenzie - San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
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Blogger Production Blog said...

Hey I added you as well. Thanks for not taking me too seriously. I wish I knew enough about code to nail the popup thing.

Maybe it was something else. I was just razzing you anyways. The nice thing about comedians is that they have a good sense of humor. Some people in this world take things way too seriously.

Regardless, it was great to make your acquaintance and I hope that we keep in touch.

Blue Skelton

11/12/2007 6:37 PM  

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