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Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Bunny Jokes For A Hoppy Easter


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Time for some Easter jokes. Some of these have been culled from sources and fan mail, others I made up. Others have been twisted from jokes about other species.

Happy Easter! Perhaps I will do another post before we get there. Feel free to add your own Easter Joke or Jokes in the comments section. Just because I moderate the comments doesn't mean that I don't accept nearly all of them!

Here we go:

Q: What did we call the Easter Bunny the year he hopped in a long sweltering Easter parade? 

A: A Hot, cross, bunny.

Q: What do you call ten rabbits marching backwards?

A: A receding hareline.

Q: What do you call a bunny with a large brain? 

A: An egghead.

Q: Why was the Easter Bunny rubbing his head?

A: Because he had a eggache! (headache)

Q: Do you know how the Easter Bunny stays in shape? 

A: Hareobics.

Q: What's another name for it?

A: Eggcercise!

Q: Why does the Tooth Fairy claim that the Easter Bunny was self-centered?

A: He says the Easter Bunny is eggocentric, but I think that's stretching the tooth.

Q: Why did the Easter Bunny hop down the road? 

A: He wanted to make a movie with Bob Hope.

Q: Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road? 

A: Because it was the chicken's day off.

Q: What do you give a 500-hundred-pound bunny rabbit?

A: Anything it wants!

Q: Where can a 500-hundred-pound bunny rabbit live?

A: Anywhere it wants!

Q: What goes chomp, chomp, chomp, SPROING, chomp, chomp, chomp, SPROING?

A: A 500-hundred-pound bunny rabbit trying to combine diet and excercise.

Q: What's the difference between The Easter Bunny and a lumberjack?

A: One chews leaves and hops, the other hews, chops and leaves.

Q: Why do 500-hundred-pound bunny rabbits paint their toenails different colors?

A: So that they can hide in baskets of jelly beans.

Q: Why did the magician have to cancel his show? 

A: He'd just washed his hare and couldn't do a thing with it.

Q: Why was PETA so upset with the magician after he canceled his show? 

A: They thought it was because instead of having a split hair, he'd split a hare during his act.

Q: How did the Magician make up for it?
A: He adopted the stage name PETA Cottontail and promised to only to use artificial hares in his act from then on. As he became older, he grew bald and became famous for his waist-long wigs of pink and white. That's right, he became known as PETA Cottontail with the Bunny Trail. Eventually he began to do magic tricks with the wigs themselves.

Q: Why did the Easter Bunny want to see the magician's act so badly? 

A: He was a little down and heard the magician's act was hare raising.

Q: How do you catch a unique rabbit?

A: Unique up on it!!

Q: What did the Easter Bunny say to the carrot? 

A: It's been nice gnawing at you.

Q: After Easter is over what kind of drink does the Easter Bunny like to kick back and relax with?

A: Hops, though sometimes for a change he'll embrace a Wild Turkey.

Q: What do you call the Easter Bunny the day after Easter? 
: Tired.

and the last joke in this group:

Q: How does Easter end?

A: With an 'r'.

Hoppy Easter!

Peter, Chief Editor and Spelling Wrecker
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not exactly an Easter joke, but this blog's recent entry is Easter themed.

For those who are extremely religious, I wouldn't recommend reading... it's a satirical "Blog of Christ."

The Blog of Christ

3/24/2008 11:02 PM  

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