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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware Ides of March? What about the Ides of April?


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Talk about a mistake. He was warned.

March 15th is the Ides of March. But don't worry. The Ides of March shouldn't be an unlucky day for you.

The Ides or the 15th of each month on the Roman Calendar used in 44 B.C. was unlucky only for Gaius Julius Caesar Imperator Pontifex Primum Praeter Counsul Imperator Rex. (Later, his adopted son Octavius who conned Cicero into conning the Senate into naming Octavius Counsul of Rome had the Senate declare Julius Caesar a god too, but that happened after Caesar's death.)

Easier then, the Romans had lots of Gods. Of course later, Augustus got himself elevated to god-hood too, as well as month hood, for him and uncle Julius (July and Augus, of course), got himself named Emporer for life after getting Marc Anthony to bump himself off in Alexandria and even more important, survived to the ripe old age of 71.

There's a song to remember Julius Caesar's titles that I learned in Latin Class - It goes to the tune of "Clementine"

Gaius Julius Caesar Noster
Imperator Pontifex
Primum Praeter
Diende Counsul
Nunc Dicator
Mox Que Rex.

Julius omens, warnings, portents, dreams, and the stark political realities of the fear he had created in the old Republican Guard, and so was stabbed on the floor of the Roman Senate 23 times, including by his old friend Brutus, it is said. (Leading to Shakespeare's Line, "Et tu, Brute?" (And you, Brutus?) Brutus is said to have been the last to give old Julius the Shiv.)

Anyway this event has given the Ides of March a bad name for the more than 2000 years since.

We Americans really should amend it though! Instead we should say:

BEWARE THE IDES OF APRIL! It WILL be a taxing time for us all.

Happy St. Patrick's day, that's the 17th of this month otherwise known as -wait for it,


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