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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day


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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Overheard in an Irish Pub.

Patrick: Ah, its good to hear that the Americans have another good Irishman running for President, and a Democrat as well!

Michael: Who are you talking about?

Patrick: Why Senator O'Bama of course!

Hope this joke didn't turn you green!

If you want more Irish or St. Patrick's day jokes, just click the keywords below the YouTube.com videos, or enter a search for the words, or the word Ireland in the blue Google search box in the side bar.

If you get drunk enough, of course, feel free to donate to the blog using the donate now button, or by clicking ads with abandon and then doing things at those sites. No hacking there, please.

About the new YouTube Videos box, it is linked to about 68 hand picked comedy videos. They are excruciatingly funny and yet clean. They are always in the same order however, so once you've seen the first 7 you will have to hit the multiple window button which will bring up a selector for the videos, it will include an arrow selector for you to move to the next block of 7 videos on the right, and backwards on the left. The little pictures give you clues as to the content, but are not always a good clue.

For example, from the first picture, it is impossible to tell what funny stuff is in that video. I especially recommend the one with six guys at a table in a library. 5 Japanese, and what appears to be one African-Japanese. I dare you to keep from laughing at this one. The content is safe for work, except for the guffaws, snickers and hoots that may come out of your cubicle. On the other hand, if your boss starts to watch it, her or she will probably not be able to stop, nor stop laughing. It is totally non-sexist. Unless you think the abuse of men in a 3-stooges manner is somehow sexist.

Please do check out the sidebar. I've cleaned it up a LOT. There are a lot of new jokes listed in the favorite links and you must have noticed how much faster these pages load.

What ever you do on March 17th, the Imbibes of March, as I call it, drive safe, and remember that others may not be!


Peter, Chief Editor and Spelling Wrecker
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Blogger Josh Goller said...

Love the site... for other political humor

Adjust Yourself

3/21/2008 1:39 PM  

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