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Thursday, December 27, 2007

George Bush Video: You're So Lame (You Probably Thought This Song Was About You)


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And now the video and point in history that many of us have been waiting 7+ years for, the Lame Duck portion of George W. Bush's Presidency, heretofore commemorated by the Obama Girl's video hit You're So Lame (You Probably Think This Song is About You) smash hit parody of the Carly Simon Hit You're So You're So Vane (You Probably Think This Song is About You) (You Probably Think This Song is About You).

A main difference between the two videos, other than the richness of Carly's voice and the higher quality of the original lyrics, is that the original lyrics hide the identity of the target of the song which adds a sense of universality to it, which was only later removed years later when the subject was obstensibly, I believe, to have been revealed as Warren Beatty.

In this version, the politically oriented Obama girls leave no doubt as to whom they believe is the lame duck in the Presidential hot seat, or cold seat, sitting as duck flambe.

But, we have to wonder, to what degree is the song true? Does Bush still have enough influence as benefit to do quite a lot of damage to the nation before leaving office? Is he really lame? Or is this video merely wishful thinking. Surely a Bush endorsement might carry a good deal of weight at a Republican convention, particularly if Daddy Bush was also on Bush was also onboard.

So am I carrying this video to convince you to vote Democrat next fall. Well no, the girls are really cute and the song is funny. Also, they catch a sitting president making an interesting finger movc that I think is unbecoming of a sitting president. Call it "Fingergate" but I don't think a sitting President of the United States should be dong such things in public. It's just a bad example.

Here's the video. Comments welcome. Good and bad. Just no swearing, please. You can be anonymous if you like.

Peter, Chief Editor and Spelling Wrecker
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