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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In the End, its the Sopranos Viewers That Get Whacked, and They Don't Like it a Bit


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Sorry toots, but if you've been watching the Sopranos all these seasons, ya shoulda seen it coming.

You knew too much. Listening in on big Tony's shrink sessions, spying in on all his deep secrets, the family fights, witnessing who whacked who, sooner or later you had to know that what you knew was going to become a liability to Tony and his ability to sleep well. Right?

You thought you was safe, after all, it was the end of the final season. What could happen?

Not like you was a big roller. You forgot you was a witness. A loose string to be taken care of before they took off for who knows where. And, so, you got whacked. Right in front of the family. Best way for them to be sure you were done.

Big Tony's daughter thought it was wrong and tried to stop it. After all, who did you ever kill?

You never ratted out on anyone. And ya could have.

But she was too late. By the time she was close, boom, blackout, the deed was done.

I can understand you being mad and all. You didn't see it coming. But what were you doing out in public so close to big T and his whole family? Didn't you think someone would notice you? After all you've been hanging around for years now. At least you coulda worn something other than your underwear to the restaurant. And its not like you were totally innocent - how many times did you watch someone get whacked without a word of protest?

Right. So its only fair. Just your turn at the blood pit.

Well, now you have forever to think about it and all the mistakes you made.

Mean time, Tony and the family is out there living on, doing their own thing, whatever or wherever that is, you won't be there to see it. I have a pshrinking feeling that there will be less therapy in his future too.

So Long toots, nice knowin' ya,

Big Pete, Chief Editor and Spell Wrecker
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