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Monday, May 21, 2007

The American Idol Finale-- Jordin or Blake? Who will Survive?


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Jordin or Blake? Blake or Jordin?

This is another one of those posts that have my older friends going - huh? What do you see in that show?

They just don't understand. Given a change in the age limits of the show that could be ME up there. Really. No kidding.

"Sure you say."

"Come' on producers, get rid of the age limits you cowards and let's see."

My relatives are laughing their heads off right now. Some of them. The others believe.

Anyway, I'm way off the track. If you found this post, its because you do care about who wins the American Idol Season 6 Finale: 25 year old Blake Lewis or 17 year old Jordin Sparks.

Blake Lewis - His Songs From The Season 6 Semi-Final Show + Comments from Jackson, Abdul and Cowell

Jordin Sparks - Her songs from the Season 6 Semi-Final Show Without Comments From Jackson, Abdul and Cowell

Because of the absence of te glowing remarks for Sparks, these videos are not really fair comparisons so try to ignore the judges, just pay attention to the performances if you are just coming to this for the first time.

I would have rather directed you to the Fox American Idol Music Video Page which shows many of Blake and Jordin's best performances, but there is so much demand on that server right now that the YouTube videos are the only way to see these videos. To make up for not having judges remarks for Jordin's Semi final performances, I include this one from an earlier show.

Jordin Sparks - On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

SO who will win?

As you might guess from my intro, I don't think that age should be a factor, period.

So Jordin gets no extra creds for being so talented at 17 and Blake none for being likely, possibly to be more stable at 25. All that counts is their singing.

That being said I think that they are both huge talents and think already that this is a win win for AI producers who probably have them already tied into contracts. Or should if they are not idiots. That being said, my personal feeling is that Jordin is more innovative, original, and has greater star power. Then again, she's a great looking babe.

But man can she sing.

Blake is also phenomenally talented. He has lots of fans and ahs he history of Soul Patrol dynamics working for him. Women voting for him because he's hot, men to keep up the faith, and many just because he is talented.

On the other hand, Jordin has charisma, natural talent, beauty, charm, power and the ability to make a song her own.

I think that the results will be very close.

So how will it go. Are you going to make a difference?

If so, are you going to take advantage of your chance to vote for free perpetually to vote for someone you like, or mess things up?

Popular strategies:

1) Pick the ones you like and vote for them using auto redial as often as possible. Using more than one line if possible to hit the alternate numbers and a computer and second line if you have them.

2) Convince friends and family to engage in the same screwy behavior. If close to a time zone line be prepared to drive across the time zone line to get in an extra hour of calling, especially if you are on the boarder of Mountain or Pacific time.

3) I've not checked out votefortheworst.com but you have the option of following their lead or voting against it just for spite.

4) Here's one I thought of today. Just boost the numbers up as high as possible just to tie up the phone lines by voting for each candidate in sequence as long as you can. Just do your best to generate a huge volume of calls. Every call you make may block other calls trying to stack the deck, so by slipping your calls in you are actually making the competition fairer because you always vote for one after the other. You don't switch until you are sure a vote gets through.

Remember, you can vote as many times as you want. The best way to do this is to have two phone extensions on the same line, or two lines and pay attention. But have one dedicated to a number for each candidate. Then you just hit redial on each phone until you get through. Stopping on the other until you get the other ones vote to go through. The end result is an even number of votes for each.

Fun huh?

Even better if your computer does it for you.

Well there are my thoughts.

I thought this season was pretty good. Melinda is well on her way to being the Jennifer Hudson of this season. Watch for her at the Grammy's next year, and don't forget to visit here again!

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