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Thursday, July 26, 2007

W T-Shirts Have You Seen One of These?


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Ah, submitted jokes, the kind I like best. You can do it too! And so what if its been copied and forwarded by a thousand people? That just means it has to be funny, right?

Like this one forwarded by my good friend Ken. It appears to have only been forwarded once. Its a collection of T-shirts seen on the street. No one would make these up would they?

1) (Seen on an infant's shirt): Already smarter than Bush.

2) 1/20/09: End of an Error

3) That's OK, I Wasn't Using My Civil Liberties Anyway

4) Let's Fix Democracy in This Country First

5) Bush. Like a Rock. Only Dumber.

6) You Can't Be Pro-War And Pro-Life At The Same Time

7) If You Can Read This, You're Not Our President

8) Hey, Bush Supporters: Embarrassed Yet?

9) George Bush: Creating the Terrorists Our Kids Will Have to

10) We Need a New Decider and a New Vice Decider, too.

11) America: One Nation, Under Surveillance

12) They Call Him "W" So He Can Spell It

13) Which God Do You Kill For?

14) Jail to the Chief

15) WWJT: Who Would Jesus Torture?

16) No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade?

17) Bush: God's Way of Proving Intelligent Design is Full Of

18) Bad president! No Banana.

19) We Need a President Who's Fluent In At Least One Language

20) We're Making Enemies Faster Than We Can Kill Them

21) Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Blood

22) Is It Vietnam Yet?

23) Bush Doesn't Care About White People, Either

24) Where Are We Going? Why Are We In This Hand Basket?

25) You Elected Him. You Deserve Him.

26) Impeach Cheney First

27) When Bush Took Office, Gas Was $1.46

28) The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century

29) 2004: Embarrassed, 2005: Horrified, 2006: Terrified

30) The Democrats will have a hard time in office because everyone in show business knows not to follow a kid or animal act!

31) W: who knew anyone could make us long for the days of Watergate, killer rabbits and blue dresses with spots on them?

Something almost Shakespearean about number 31 isn't there?

*Actually, the word was stronger than baloney, but this is a family safe blog. Insert a stronger word here if you like.

I'm sure that some will howl with protest at this one, so send in some Hillary jokes why don't you?

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