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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pages Turning in Washinton


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Because this is a safe for family blog, I'm going to assume that you know about the situation in the U.S. House of Representatives that has Americans all over the country turning pages, newsprint, press and otherwise to find out just what has been going on with the congressional page program in the U.S. House.

This is a high priority scandal because Congressional Pages are high school stundents and therefore minors for whom any panky with or without a hanky is not only illegal, but a crime! Worse yet, to use the internet to do so is just what people are seeing all those people getting arrested for on NBC DATELINE: Predators.

Except of course that as far as we can tell. As far as we can tell, nobody actually went anywhere, expecting anything. As I said, no details will be forthcoming - you put the em-pha-sis where you want to - about this sad story in these files.

Sad except for one thing. It looks like none of the Congressional Pages, so far, has gotten any more humiliation than an overeager email.

No home visits in the middle of the day, that kind of thing. Hopefully that means that any damage to those in the program so far has been minimal.

Then why am I bringing this up? Do I care about the grownups running the program or the impact on the overall elections?

Normally I might. This would be an easy time to make fun of some Republicans except for one thing. There has been talk of doing a knee-jerk eliminate the Congressional Page program until all this gets "straightened out".

What kind of idiots do we have down there anyway? Oh, right, I'm from Illinois, where the really interesting politicians come from. We're working to catch up with Louisiana on that front, at least state-wide.

Anyway, the way to keep a program like this safe is to make sure that all those working on the hill, let's not just keep the elected in mind, know that these Pages will be given the absolute confidence to talk about any odd or embarrasing encounter, immediately and KNOW that it will be taken seriously. Even years after his or her employment.

That's all it needs. Because if that had been the case a few years ago, a certain member formerly representing Florida would not have dared to act as he allegedly did.

Let's make government something that our kids would be proud to take part in. Not something to be scared of.

Seeing this scandal does put others in perspective though. Amazing how when confronted with problems like these the very first instinct is not to call a press conference but try to deal with it internally. Surprise, surprise.

I wonder if they can get that guy from The British Comedy based in the Department store to play the Congressman in the TV movie, you know the fella I mean.

That's it from me,


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