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Friday, September 08, 2006

Chi-Tung Restaurant A Miracle of Chinese Food on Chicago's South Side


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Washington, D.C. has City Lights, its famed but maze-like paragon of Chinese food where dipping into the lemon chicken is a trip into paradise. But until recently, in my opinion, Chicago only had decent Chinese restaurants except for inside Chinatown near Cermack Road and nothing worth mentioning at all for many years on the far south side of the city - close to the Southwest suburbs.

And then there came to Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, Beverly, Mount Greenwood and surrounding communities a miracle of cuisine in the now expanded restaurant known as Chi-Tung, slayer of appetites.

Named after the great warrior chef of the Tongue Dynasty, Chi-Tung follows in the glorious tradition of plentiful and mouthwatering food at low prices that made him Emporer of all lands that he chose to deliver to. Such was his nobility and generosity, that Chi-Tung delivered farther and wider than most restaurants, but profited by it, as his loyal customers often ordered from afar, though could not resist visits to his wonderous shrine next to CVS on Kedzie just South of 95th Street.

Not content to serve food from his own land only, Chi-Tung sought wizards from Thailand and Japan to bring him magic recipies from those countries, with so many recipes that now Chi-Tung offers three different take out menus full of succulent dishes from the mildest to the hottest palate, all served without the accursed MSG.

The mighty Chi's sucess has been so great that his temple was forced to move and expand into its current giant quarters, yet still the faithful come from miles around, often preferring pick-up than wait for the giant and luxurious seating, closely packed that it may be, more romantic as the night passes on and the crowd thins, the glow of a majestic meal singing sweetly in the night.

So many choices. Large means LARGE. A meal for two, or three, if you are nuns or models. Spicy warnings are not to be ignored. Mild dishes are quite good.

Overall, it really is a great place to eat. Delivery a modest $2.00.

I give it 10 Tungs.

(Chi-Tung's managers pronounce it "Chee Tounge" not "Shy Tounge", but they'll never correct you if you get it wrong.)

Chi-tung Chinese & Thai Restaurant
9560 S Kedzie Ave
Evergreen Park, IL 60805-2334
(708) 636-8180

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Blogger Levois said...

I hear good things about this restaurant, but I've never been unfortunately.

9/19/2006 12:43 PM  

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