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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ode to the Peter Files, Something to Send to Your Friends


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There once was a blogger named Peter
And he thought that his blog couldn't be neater
so he wrote lots of posts
and filled them with jokes
In hopes that they'd make his blog sweeter.

But now he wants more folks to find it
and hopes that you'll help, if you don't mind it
Just mail them a post you find funny
With our URL in its tummy
And the next thing you know they'll read my bit!

A little exposure, its true
Will help this blog entertain you
and get it more clicks
and add a few tricks
And some nifty surprises or two!

No one gets rich from a bog of this type
Not even with calls in from Skype
but if you want to help more,
you know the score
Do my shop through Amazon box hype.

For the other ads I get revenue,
by clicks on the old ads and new
you don't have to view them
Just right-click and shoo* them
Or read them if they're right for you.

There is one other thing you can do
that's to send me a joke or two
I love those who send,
even now and again
something new that makes me laugh too**!



*I try to be a nice blogger, otherwise I would have put another work associated with carpentry here kiddies.

**Just put it in a comment. I have to approve those anyway, so if you are not sure if it is OK, go ahead and leave it. I'll be the judge. Leave whatever attribution in the comment you'd like.
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