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Monday, July 10, 2006

Do-it-Yourself Impeachment a Two-for-One Opportunity?


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As President George W. Bush's popularity continues to drop like the likelihood of a Republican getting a chance to replace Tom DeLay on the ballot for his seat in Congress, talk of a Bush impeachment seems to be gathering steam going so far as to include a movement for Do-it-yourself-impeachment making use of "Jefferson's Manual" the parliamentary rules in the House of Representatives that allow a private individual to bring forth a bill for consideration in the House, including impeachment, complete with the forms to do it.

I'll believe an actual impeachment when I see it, at least before the 2006 elections, and I think I would see it only if the outrage of America as a whole were to come into play for the actions of President Bush and his administration. I mean how many of you are actually going to delay (not DeLay) your summer vacation plans to click the link and fill out the forms, and mail them by October 12th to be part of the DIY Bush Impeachment Movement? That many? Really?

I guess you could fill out the forms in the car on the way to the beach. And you can find a notary at any currency exchange.... All right, if Britney says she won't do it, then I will. That sounds like pretty good reasoning. Or Anna Nicole.

I mention this because of recent discussion of the possibility that he and others in the White House might be vulnerable to charges of War Crimes based on the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo and other acts.

If this was his first or second year in office, this would be a clearly recognized as a satire piece and every sane person in America would recognize it as such. Suddenly, I'm not so sure.

Since this is supposed to be a light-hearted comedy blog most of the time, and not really a political one at that, though you have to admit, W makes it so very tempting. You almost feel a comic responsibility to go there.

I try not to take the easy route. I really do. If I didn't, my blog would look like this.

Paris Hilton dressed funny Britney did something dumb with her baby Tom Cruise did something odd or said something weird about Katie A Kennedy in a car crash? Say it isn't so.

But I digress.

I can't ignore the Bush thing. I just can't.

But I have to raise this question.

If the House were to impeach Bush, doesn't it make sense that they should impeach Dick Cheney too?

After all, hasn't he been the acknowledged mind behind the W all along?

Of course, ever since that shooting incident people have started reassessing DC's mental prowess, but accidents can happen to anyone, right? Even a young Kennedy. I mean the public cuts them slack don't they.

Anyway, my thought was, and I bet, given my headline that you're way ahead of me on this, why not go for a twofer? If the House is going to impeach Bush why not impeach Cheney too? It might save us from one of those VP's pardoning the last guy things we had with Nixon.

Or do we want that?

Do we want an ex-President jailbird who could theoretically face the death penalty for war crimes? If he was not pardoned that is a possible scenario as I understand it.

Nah, but impeaching him, that would at least show the world that we were a little bit sorry for his invading a country while thumbing his nose at the U.N..

And there would be some political parity too. After all, as many others have said. Clinton. Intern. Bush. Iraq. You do the math.

By the way, I really don't think impeaching both would be any fun at all. It would be just another sad part of the enormous stain on our nation's reputation that has accrued over the last almost 6 years. But at least it would be a start at repairing some of the damage.

And at this point, I'd like to start doing some things that would help to get our boys and girls in the armed forces overseas home sooner rather than later. They have great courage and believe strongly in what they are doing.

I am sure that many of them have a very different view of their Commander in Chief. They have to. I respect that. But my job as a voter is to watch out for them and to say something if I think he is screwing up. And I am, because they can't.

Because they may be doing, what they are doing bravely, and intelligently, and with great courage, but facing the possibility of random death is neither pleasure or fun no matter how you slice it. Especially if they were knowingly sent in for political advantage rather than the true defense of our nation, which appears to be the case.

Well, that's what special prosecutors and impeachment is for. After all, an impeachment could clear the President and Vice-President too. Just as President Bill Clinton's did his.

Try Tom DeLay potato chips they stay fresh until election time even if you try to move them to another state.

Paris Hilton, the new Bush Administration Secretary for Health, Education and Welfare because she "reaches the young people".

Bill Maher's concept of Hell: being locked in a room with Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter for all Eternity.

Ann Coulter's concept of Hell: being locked in a room with Bill Maher for all eternity and having no one to complain to about it.

Thought I would stick in some broad comedy to make sure you were paying attention.


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Blogger Peter Matthes said...

I think we should impeach the entire administration.

I have some other ideas of what we should do to Ann Coulter. Perhaps we should hand her off the the 502 Infantry in Iraq.

7/10/2006 10:23 PM  
Blogger The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

I am not sure under the constitution exactly how many can be impeached, vs. must be fired if charged or convicted with a crime, or would be asked to leave under a new President or Vice President who might want their own staff instead of those in place for many reasons, not just a cloud of suspicion that might or might not be hanging over them as the case may be.

We have to remember that in any administration, no matter how corrupt, there are always some good apples who are working very hard to fight the good fight for bosses not fit to lick their shoes, or other places. This is a safe for family blog after all.

As for Ms. Coulter, my faith in our Armed Forces is such that she would be safe with them no matter where she went and no matter what she said. Community service in a food kitchen in Detroit or Chicago however would be a good thing for her soul, if only for a few weeks.

Thanks for your comment. Please come back and bring a friend with you.


7/12/2006 12:56 PM  

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