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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fishing for Some Cool Comedy


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Now that summer is approaching, those long hot days of lazy summer fishing are almost here when every fisherman's thoughts turn to a shady place to rest, cast his lines and Pamela Anderson. True, the name of whose thoughts you turn to depends on the age, sex, and inclination of the person who is fishing, but you catch my drift.

Sometimes when the heat climbs up over 80 in the shade we are tempted to forget how difficult it was to fish in the depths of winter snow and ice. Those of us who did last winter. By which I do not include myself, living in Chicago as I do where the wind of Lake Michigan (which is an Indian word for frosbite) coming across the lake with nothing to stop it but temperature dropping ice makes the whole idea ridiculous compared to sitting at home watching TV of other people competing in the snow and ice.

I did once go on a winter ice-fishing trip in Wisconsin. It was even colder than down here in Chicago, see they have Lake Michigan too, its just colder. The Indians up there call it Lake Fall Off. That's not an exact translation, but this blog is supposed to be safe for kids and work. If you can't figure out the more direct translation, ask your Mom. Your Dad will be too busy laughing.

I caught the biggest fish on that trip. It must have been at least three to four inches long, probably well under the limit, but as it was the only fish caught that day, our little group of Webelos Scouts felt obligated to clean and cook it to supplement the balogna sandwich emergency supplies we had stocked in should this disaster befall us.

So, I bring you this video, which reminded me so much of that day. It is hosted by YouTube.com and reminds us of the hazards of winter ice fishing on those cold ice lake surfaces, in the howling winds of the Northern Storms.

Good fishing folks. Hope you have better luck than this Eskimo!

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Blogger Levois said...

You have fishing this summer now I have bbq. I'm going to learn to bbq this summer.

6/20/2006 5:12 PM  
Blogger TTB said...

Funny article. I write about fishing with kids and enjoy reading other authors works. Pam Anderson, huh? Kid Rock may have something to say about that.

8/10/2006 11:29 AM  

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