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Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Cars" $62.8 Million "Brakes Up" Competition This Weekend


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As far as I’m concerned anyone knocking the movie Cars, the Disney/Pixar film that opened this weekend, needs a tune-up, a valve job or an oil change.

I saw it today with some family members and found myself on-track for fun and enjoyment through the whole adventure without the need for a single pit stop.

While the movie is not as punny as this review, Cars is full of genuine laughs, warm feelings, and great racing moments. The movie opens as Red racer Lightning McQueen, in his rookie year as a pro racer, discovers that playing it too close to the edge can lead to problems he didn’t need.

On his way to solve them he winds up stuck in the small town of Radiator Springs off Route 66 where the real story begins and for the first time McQueen learns what is to be fully human, that is, truly involved in the lives and interests of those around him – to great effect.

The supporting cast is great, and makes every moment a surprise for those who have not peeked ahead and looked at the cast list. To avoid spilling secrets I will just say that NASCAR fans will be delighted with the film. I can’t help mentioning my favorite cameo, Bob and Ray from NPR’s Car Talk. But no more. Half the fun is figuring it out.

If you want to know more you can go to the movie’s web site carsthemovie.com or check out the IMDB database a great source for details on any film or actor you would like.

Oh, don’t walk out early. Along with the credits are lots of funny extra bits that you will NOT want to miss.

This film gets 8 cylinders up for me, suitable for infants (early shows only please) to adults. You’ll enjoy it, like the old Batman TV series there are jokes just for U2.

Oh, almost forgot the special effects. Stunning. Everything from the gleam on the cars in the sunlight, to the glow of neon in the distance, to the way dust and hot tar kick up on the road is perfect. The cars themselves are great and fun to watch. The sound is supercharged as well. The racing scenes have that NASCAR edge. This should give it strong repeat audience appeal and build audience for NASCAR as well.

There is a nice little romance too. Something for everyone. And as my Dad pointed out, the diversity of cars in the film should be great for the international audience. Luigi, Guido, and Ramone should have special appeal. While there are some stereotypical moments, these characters are warm, human, and not just there to be laughed at. They are important to the plot and McQueen’s change of heart, though perhaps none more than Hudson, Mater and of course, Sleek Sally. Curious? Go see the movie. This is one of those films where the Dolby theater experience and crowds does make a difference.


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