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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

iMac Repair Delayed by Vacation, Villa Park Mac Specialists Do Good Job


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The Peter Files Blog is posting again! Huzzah!

It turned out that dropping off our iMac for repair did not happen until after we returned from vacation in the Dells because if dropped in priority below finding the sunscreen. But we're back now and ready to give you the kind of high quality comedy you deserve.

The folks at Mac Specialists in Villa Park, 242 West Roosevelt Road, 630-858-0000 did a very nice nice job on the repair. Nathen at the check in desk, and Alex the tech guru were particularly helpful, though the attitudes there were good by all those who worked there. I asked a lot of questions that could have been annoying and they were happy to help, and much less rushed that at certain Genius Bars I often frequent. There was one miscommunication about what I wanted done and it was handled quickly and politely with no extra cost to me (Other than the cost of the additional part I intended to buy in the first place).

Thanks folks. Saving a 60 mile round trip meant a LOT to me.

As for the vacation, fortunately, we were not flying, and were not unimpacted by the whole empty your squeeze bottles and sunscreen movement. I wonder what the impact on the Cheeze Whiz industry alone has been so far? Could it have been a plot by Coppertone? Of course not! This was a really scary thing and I make light of it to get the willies out.

I have to say that I am really glad that no one got hurt. Really, really, glad.

Good show old boys and girls across the pond! Shows what you can do when you put your thinking caps on. I'm sure the thinking caps are on over here too, except possibly where naps are needed, but then I'm living in glass houses there. Mel Gibson too, I have the feeling he'll be wearing quite a few caps while making apologies over the next few months.

Fortunately, there is a whole day of atonement that he might want to set aside for his boo-boo.

And the sad thing is that the people in the bar would have been glad to give him a lift. Lesson for us all, next time you see a drunk celeb out there, drunk and without bodyguards, make the offer anyway, or turn the car keys over to the bartender and take up a collection for a cab ride home. Wouldn't you have pitched in, just on the principle of the thing?

If you are going to go to a cool place in the summer the Wisconsin Dells are a lot of fun and good for a wide range of kids. We had a great time. If you are staying multiple days some of the parks have half-price tickets on the second day if you come back wearing your wristband from the first day. We did not know that and it made the trip cheaper overall.

Paul Bunyon's Pancake House is still as good a deal as it was when I was a kid. The cinnamon doughnuts are better, even.

Note: If you have a small second fridge upstairs and empty it out and turn it off while you are on vacation don't forget to prop the door open so that the last bits of water can evaporate!

Otherwise really disgusting green mold grows and when your wife opens it before you do...

Did you know that some vacation souveniers were not meant to be hurled across the house? Neither did I!

Family life is so scientific!

Still the time away was good for us. Hope you got or will get some too.

All the best,


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Blogger BLEU 12 said...

Thanks for the tip of fridges. I will keep it in mind. I like the site. American Idol is stupid for not getting you soon. Soul patrol is going down. Check out my daily shave if you like.


8/17/2006 4:10 PM  

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