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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zidane Not Insane Says Materazzi Made His Family Butt of Insulting Remarks


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I've been watching this story for a couple of days now and to those who say that Zidane overeacted when and if Materazzi did make crude remarks about Zidane's mother and cousin during the end of the World Cup classic, and that he should have just sucked it up and kept his cool, I have this to say:

I really had wicked fun with your no account Momma and your easy *&$)# Cousin three times a day this month. They were almost as good as a plastic doll if you know what I mean.

Was your Momma always that ugly or did she get those warts while doing volunteer servicing for our disabled vets from WWII and Korea?

I hear your cousin is up for World Cup Golden Coach award for helping players across FIFA score more often than any other.

Your Mamma told me she still likes to give the little guy a bath!

So maybe, just maybe, in the heat of the last game of his career, Zidane under intense pressure, after just being handled by Materazzi, provocation enough to start a stick fight in the NHL, insulting familial insults might have provoked Zidane enough to lose his head.

Should FIFA take away his Golden Ball over this? Certainly not.

First of all, the Golden ball is decided on by the journalists covering the game, not FIFA.

Second, enough of this sports stars have to be superhuman at all times malarkey. Zidane had a human moment of anger. Happens to all of us. His happened at a bad time and I am sure he will feel bad enough about it for a long time. Long enough that further penalties should not apply.

The only question in my mind would be that since the attack seems to have been so clearly provoked, should Zidane's penalty be retracted after the fact and the match declared a tie with both Franch and Italy sharing the cup?

Without evidence of a conspiracy to make Zidane blow up like this at the end of the game in the Italian playbook, I just don't see FIFA making a move like that.

After all, the game is done, over, see you next year. Once a league starts tempering with game results

Oh, and for those who thought I was writing about your mothers and cousins, I was just kidding. I am not into those three-way scenes anyway. No one has to do that stuff anymore now that

Finally, I bet your Momma, if she is still alive, is a really nice person. If she's still kicking, be sure to call her and tell her you love her. I mean rght now.


Thank you.

As your cousins, you never know, but I hope the same is true for all your cousins.

Now all we have to worry abou is you!

And me, of course (evil laugh).


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