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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jon Stewart Reacts To Wallace's Clinton Interview


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More on Wallace and Clinton.

After writing the last article I took a second to check out how the news story had been reported. After all, I had seen only one report on Sunday night, and it was fairly even handed. Had things changed?

I did a google news search. Who turned on the fire? From all the heat in those clips I thought that Alexandria was on fire again! Did we see the same interview?

From the news search I found a link to the Daily Show's media anlalysis at the sharp and witty greymatters blog at http://slowburn.com/blog/?p=125

Clinton “Blew a Gasket”? Puh-leeze…

If the pundit-bots are to be believed, Bill Clinton was “crazed,” “angry” and “blew a gasket” in his recent interview with Wallace the Lesser on Fox News last Sunday (highlight clip from The Daily Show | transcript). Personally, I didn’t think that Clinton was at all unreasonable given the circumstances, and he also made a strong case for himself and his party. He certainly never reached that O’Reilly-esque combination of hysteria and anger that makes “Papa Bear” the darling of the GOP.

Stewart is very funny. His team aptly misses the point that a large share of the News coverage seems to miss the point that former President Clinton may have used some emotion in his response, but that his response included plenty of rational detail and facts.

The "angry" "emotional" Clinton focus seems nothing more than an attempt to distract us from the fact that if Clinton was upset at Wallace's questioning why he didn't "do more" he certainly had answers about what he thought he did and President Bush has not.

I also wondered whether some of those reporting had their volumes on too high. Clinton just didn't seem that angry to me. In fact, some of them seemed more outraged and cheesed out than he did!

Clinton was not amused. This is clear. But he regained his composure quickly. What did he look like to me? Determined. Controlling. Specific. Like you might expect a former U.S. President to be when challenged on live T.V. with his historical legacy at stake.

"Quo tandem abuterre Fox patiencia nostra?" -Cicero (A loose joke in Latin.)

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