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Monday, September 18, 2006

Rain, Laundry and Sleep


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Wet and rainy weather here just makes people want to curl up and do nothing. Like blog.

So, I missed a few things that I planned to do this weekend.

A picnic.

A book fair.

Folding laundry.

O.K. folding laundry wasn't actually on MY plan for the weekend. It was inserted there by another person.

I meant to do it, I really did, but headaches from the rain brought on sleep, and that killed that project.

What's funny about that?

Not much, unless you could have had a window in our house when I was discovered asleep in bed instead of downstairs amidst folded laundry.

Is it folded now?

I'm blogging now, so, er, no.

I'll get to it though, I really will, but first I have to find that video at Youtube. com about folding clothes perfectly. Then make the little device.

Then fold the clothes.

There it is.

For those less handy:

Well that's it for this unfolding plot.

See you soon.


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