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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The George Bush Speech Generator For Fun and Fun Only!


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It was late at night and I think I was stumbling around the Blogosphere when what did I see, but my old pal, Georgie Bush, or as I like to call him, I like giving out nicknames too, Captain Underpants.

I guess he really ought to be Commander-in-Chief Underpants but that is too many syllables, and CiCU sounds too medical. The images behind President Underpants? They initially seemed to stinky for me. P.U.

So for now, I think I am stuck with Captain Underpants. Since nicknames don't have trademarks I think I am O.K. here.

At anyrate, I see C.U. on this website but his eyes are blinking. What is this. He is staring at what appears to be a camera, as if he is waiting for a televised speech to begin.

Then I realize I have stumbled onto something special. I have found the George Bush Speech Simulator.

What fun. The simulator lets you pick from 302 words and phrases that President Bush used in some speech or another wearing that outfit on T.V. The Software allows you to make a new speech from these words, and while the number of words is limited.

Best of all, you can save your work and others can vote on whether you like them.

For example, you dear reader, could follow the link above, and load "I trust the the the Honorable" and play the speech I created not quite on the fly. Of course, this was a satiric speech, not one I expect that our President would ever make. In public.

So check it out, have fun. In the interests of Bi-partisanship, I should mention that you can make lots of pro-Bush speeches too. This is a comedy blog and so I have a duty to heckle the incumbant. Since the words were taken from one of his speeches you can say lots of stuff he would approve of. You might even be able to improve on it, but it would be tough going with only 302 words to go on. Even Dan Quayle had a bigger vocabulary than that.

The site author tried too. The words Democrat and Republican do not appear as choices, nor can you type in new words for George to say.

Hint: Before typing any speeches, it is worth going through the alphabet key by key to see which words are available for each letter. You don't have to remember them, all the choices for each letter pop up nicely as you click on the letter. Click on the word to select it and insert it where your icon is and click the blue triangle to hear what it sounds like. In most cases, the longer the string of words you use the better.


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