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Friday, March 24, 2006

Curious George Bush Photo


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Dear George,

I guess most people you meet don't use your first name right off, but, what with campaigning and all, you've been coming in my house for, well, almost a decade, and it seems like I know you well enough to do that.

I ran across these curious photos of you and thought you might want to know about them.

I knew the photos had to be of you. Of course I did, the resemblance was unmistakable.

Someone has done a lot of work to put together this collage to show your many faces. I am sure that it has made the rounds already in Washington, especially among Democrats, and probably some groaning staffers who hope that it will not come to your attention.

Now Mr. President, I am fairly confident that you do not read my blog. But on the off chance that you do, I think that you actually would be amused by this little creative effort. Of course, the anti-Darwinists might not be amused because it almost suggests that we humans might have something in common with our simian friends after all, if so many expressions can be duplicated, accidentally or no.

Because surely, these simians were mimicking you, and not the other way around?

Besides, didn't the great Republican President Ronald Reagan spring into glory despite his film experiences with Bonzo?

And you did not even have to appear in person with these.

Besides, maybe one of these little guys can pitch, and you never know, you might want to got back to baseball one of these years. And if anyone can tell whether Hu's on first with your experience, I don't know. Oh, that's right, I Don't Know's on second. Or is it He's on second? I am having a Reaganesque moment.

They are splendid looking chaps aren't they? I have no idea who the composer of the montage is referring to in the text is. It came to me sans photographer identification of any kind.

Seeing as it had so many pictures of you throughout your career, I thought I would pass it on to you via my blog, if your staff thinks you'd like to see it, you'll see it, and of course, and if you Google your own name, you might find it too. One thing I have always liked about you, you are the down to earth kind of guy who might Google himself. Though I can see that lately it might not be so much fun.

But let's not dwell on that. Not your job to be a popular President, right? You just have to take the media nonsense sometimes if you are going to stand up for your beliefs. What does it matter if another Republican President is not elected for forty years. It's not like that is going to happen, right? Not with Dick Cheney as a shoot in, er shoe-in, as your obvious successor. Besides, no matter what happens, your record will never be seen as worse than Hoover's.

Well, probably.

Ironically, your situation reminds me of the Carter presidency, remember him, he was supposed to be one of our smartest Presidents and he only got one term! He couldn't have been all that smart compared to you, could he? I remember how Ronald Reagan beat him and lickety-split those hostages were returned because those Iran hostage takers knew that Ronnie meant business.

That certainly won't happen with you and Osama Bin Laden, now will it? Well, probably. And what have you done to make the Middle East really want to rat Osama out anyway? After all, his tapes and videos don't come out too often, but they are big hits for T.V., Radio and Newspapers over there, I'm sure the mass media people over there don't want to lose that audience anytime soon.

Not to mention, it probably gets a lot of ratings and sells a lot of papers over here too.

Not that money ever influences political decisions. Right?

Not that kind of money anyway. It's not like its oil money.

Well, hope you like the pictures. Come by for a beer, er, coffee, tea, whatever when you're not to busy, which may take awhile. I'll throw on some steaks.

Even if I never voted for you doesn't mean I don't think you wouldn't be great company.

All the best,


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