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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Best of Google Video


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I found this site while looking at something else. It compiles its own list of what if feels is the best of Google Video while not being affiliated with it.

Before I go any farther I should mention two things.

First, the Peter Files Blog always endevors to be safe for work and families. But, we cannot guarantee that everly site that we send you to will always be safe. On the google video site for example, you can sometimes run into PG - R material although they try very hard not to have any X.

Now the content of this web site chantes every day. It may be that the links on this page would stop working right away except for the main one for listing all vidoes. I have edited the list you see here. If you go to the site rather than work from this list you will see some titles that may offend younger or more sensitive viewers.

I cannot promise that I caught them all, but I did a good try.

The results are worth it though. What is left is very, very funny.

Best of Google Video

New movies mostly every day!

Bestofgooglevideo.com is not sponsored by or affiliated with Google.

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Slippery slidesFunnyMarch 180 comments
Don't forget to shaveFunnyMarch 180 comments
One hour of music for your partyImpressiveMarch 182 comments

Ice age - Gone nuttyFunnyMarch 170 comments
Japanese fanta adFunnyMarch 171 comment
Everybody wants this ladderFunnyMarch 171 comment

British self defenceFunnyMarch 164 comments
Funeral ArrangementsFunnyMarch 161 comment
Don't do drugsFunnyMarch 163 comments
Mysterious natureImpressiveMarch 165 comments

My guitar gently weeps on a ukuleleImpressiveMarch 1526 comments
Egghunt - animated cavemenFunnyMarch 152 comments
Bob Marley - One loveInterestingMarch 152 comments
Greatest missed goalsFunnyMarch 151 comment

Road trip prankFunnyMarch 146 comments
The story of Control-Alt-DeleteFunnyMarch 147 comments
Flying first class with United Arab EmiratesImpressiveMarch 144 comments
Smart animalsImpressiveMarch 141 comment
Dizzy catFunnyMarch 141 comment

Terry Tate the office linebackerFunnyMarch 133 comments
Leaked Burning Legion gameplay footageInterestingMarch 137 comments
Urban acrobatsImpressiveMarch 133 comments
Driving in russiaCrazyMarch 1310 comments

Microwave experiment with toothpickInterestingMarch 124 comments
What is love?FunnyMarch 121 comment
ASIMO robot runningImpressiveMarch 124 comments
Workout accidentsFunnyMarch 121 comment

Banned Xbox 360 CommercialFunnyMarch 111 comment
David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a FeelingFunnyMarch 112 comments
George Lucas in LoveFunnyMarch 112 comments
Skilled pen spinningImpressiveMarch 115 comments

Interpretation of the Fall Out Boy songFunnyMarch 101 comment
Weird Al Yanlovic - Amish paradiseFunnyMarch 103 comments
Cute black cat hitting a hammerFunnyMarch 101 comment
Balancing PointImpressiveMarch 103 comments

Bicycle speed record failsCrazyMarch 912 comments
Amazing juggling performanceImpressiveMarch 94 comments
Grandma with gunFunnyMarch 91 comment
Experimental computer interfaceInterestingMarch 97 comments

Gentlemen in the washroomFunnyMarch 81 comment
Girl jumps through basketball hoopImpressiveMarch 84 comments
Skydiving with turbine bootsCrazyMarch 86 comments
Talking catsImpressiveMarch 86 comments
Commodore C64 commercialFunnyMarch 80 comments
Double A paperFunnyMarch 82 comments
Einstein The ParrotImpressiveMarch 86 comments
Muppets mahnamahna songFunnyMarch 81 comment

LSD tested on British troopsCrazyMarch 71 comment
The ultimate showdownFunnyMarch 72 comments
Stop motion music videoImpressiveMarch 70 comments
Next country to invadeFunnyMarch 721 comments
Backwards eatingInterestingMarch 77 comments
Demo of the upcoming game SporeImpressiveMarch 74 comments

Armed dogFunnyMarch 61 comment
Biker avoiding a crashImpressiveMarch 61 comment
Neurotic gamerCrazyMarch 630 comments
Live Action Simpsons introFunnyMarch 62 comments
Microsoft iPod parodyFunnyMarch 60 comments

Its a big adImpressiveMarch 51 comment
Propaganda with Donald DuckInterestingMarch 57 comments
Egg factory - hidden camera showFunnyMarch 50 comments
Animated music machineImpressiveMarch 51 comment

How to make a t-shirt folderInterestingMarch 40 comments
Elektronik Supersonik music videoCrazyMarch 49 comments
Worlds largest nuclear explosionCrazyMarch 43 comments

Fish attracted by lightFunnyMarch 39 comments
Ayds commercial 1982FunnyMarch 32 comments

Life on the mountain top cartoonFunnyMarch 20 comments
Super Mario Brothers duelImpressiveMarch 27 comments
Sand artInterestingMarch 212 comments
Japanese Arnold Schwarzenegger commercialCrazyMarch 22 comments
Impressive breakdancingImpressiveMarch 20 comments

iPod fleaFunnyMarch 11 comment
Well trained goldfishImpressiveMarch 18 comments
80 Parachuters PyramidImpressiveMarch 10 comments

12000 block towerFunnyFebruary 285 comments
Ice fishing catFunnyFebruary 284 comments
Quantum physics double slit experimentInterestingFebruary 2812 comments

Compact carFunnyFebruary 273 comments
Robot solves rubiks cubeImpressiveFebruary 275 comments
Mythbuster water rocketImpressiveFebruary 271 comment
The trunkmonkeyFunnyFebruary 271 comment

Street ninjaImpressiveFebruary 262 comments
Need glasses?FunnyFebruary 264 comments
FedEx caveman commercialFunnyFebruary 261 comment
Boy breaks fishtankFunnyFebruary 263 comments
The classic angry manFunnyFebruary 261 comment

Quintuplet babies all laughingFunnyFebruary 257 comments
Oh dearStupidFebruary 258 comments
Moscow danceFunnyFebruary 258 comments

Skeleton marionette dancingFunnyFebruary 243 comments
Mario unleashedImpressiveFebruary 249 comments
They are Taking The Hobbits To IsengardFunnyFebruary 246 comments
How caffeine worksInterestingFebruary 242 comments

Water bottle jetpackFunnyFebruary 234 comments
Oha - Japanese music videoCrazyFebruary 230 comments
Little miss echoStupidFebruary 232 comments
Total eclipse of the heart coverCrazyFebruary 239 comments
Legend of Zelda Ad (1987)FunnyFebruary 234 comments

Shark repellent bat spray?StupidFebruary 229 comments
Berlitz commercialFunnyFebruary 227 comments
Apple Intel advertisement (edited)FunnyFebruary 223 comments

The origin of the term SPAMFunnyFebruary 217 comments
The famous parrot sketchFunnyFebruary 210 comments
Night of FireCrazyFebruary 2116 comments
Backstreet Boys playbackFunnyFebruary 215 comments
Fake water bedFunnyFebruary 213 comments
80s Isuzu Gemeni TV advertistmentImpressiveFebruary 215 comments
Myspace in mediaFunnyFebruary 210 comments

Scanner playing Fur EliseImpressiveFebruary 202 comments
Dance like a white guy.FunnyFebruary 201 comment
The ratmonsterFunnyFebruary 203 comments
Sincere slugsFunnyFebruary 201 comment
Don't drive behind a 747ImpressiveFebruary 202 comments

Flying dogFunnyFebruary 196 comments
"Interesting" Japanese showCrazyFebruary 192 comments
I hate when this happensStupidFebruary 193 comments
Don't work so hardFunnyFebruary 190 comments
The cat heardersFunnyFebruary 190 comments

Energetic PlaybackFunnyFebruary 1818 comments
Mutagenous Candy?FunnyFebruary 180 comments
Wanna learn English?FunnyFebruary 180 comments
Electronic GrafittiImpressiveFebruary 172 comments
Dancing robotsImpressiveFebruary 170 comments
Skateboarding dogImpressiveFebruary 173 comments
Old man sneezesFunnyFebruary 170 comments

Vacuum cleaner attackStupidFebruary 160 comments
Ping-Pong Matrix-styleImpressiveFebruary 161 comment
Matrix cowfightFunnyFebruary 161 comment

500kV Switch OpeningImpressiveFebruary 151 comment
Have you heard of "Internet"?FunnyFebruary 157 comments
Gamers love songFunnyFebruary 153 comments
Stunt City (Commercial)FunnyFebruary 150 comments
Don't mess with old ladiesFunnyFebruary 154 comments
Insane Ikaruga PerformanceImpressiveFebruary 150 comments
Flexible gymnastImpressiveFebruary 155 comments
Exploding whaleStupidFebruary 156 comments

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