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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Poll of the Week: If the Price of Gas Doubled Tomorrow, ... Would You Switch (continue) to Use Public Transportation?


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The Peter Files announces its Poll of the Week!

Poll of the Week?

Well it depends on you really. I'd like to get enough responses to see what people think about an issue. If it takes longer than a week, it does.

This week's issues comes courtesy of the gasbuddy website that I will give the site reference to when I edit this post later. Here's the basic question:

If the price of gas doubled tomorrow, and convenient public transportation were available, would you switch (continue) to use public transportation?

Doubled? Not possible you say? It happened in 1973. I was there. More than doubled in fact. In the fall of 1973 gas prices soared from 29 cents a gallon up, up, up to as much as 75 cents or more a gallon. Have to check the details on that. But it was a big increase. On top of that people were worried about fuel shortages which helped spur the price increases.

Could history repeat itself?

Can you say Chevette?

I'm not trying to tempt fate here, but, just on the off hand chance that prices did soar, what would you do about getting around?

If my endless list of responses don't exactly match yours, pick the nearest one, then give details by making a comment. You can do it anonymously, you do not have to register.

Thanks for playing!

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