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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The George Bush Countdown Clock


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Yes from the folks at BBSpot.com it's the George W. Bush Countdown Clock, giving the estimated Hours, Minutes and seconds until the end of George W. Bush's second term in office when the nation can breathe easier, except, presumably, the nation's comedians who plan to schedule a National Day of Comedic Mourning.

The Last Comedian's National Day of Mourning was when Dan Quayle ended his term as Vice-president of the United States when the considerably less funny President George Herbert Walker Bush left office. Had the nation's comedians known what immense humor was going to come their way soon from Bill and Hillary Clinton the last National Day of Comedic Mourning might have been a Comedic Mardi Gras instead.

And in fact, this next day of mourning is only tentatively scheduled. If the finalists for President are, as some speculate, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, it is unlikely that comedic funereal colors will be hauled out for this occasion.

While of course, it is possible, that the next President, might bring on the kind of comedy inspired by the Clinton and Bush families, it is hard to imagine a Presidential Family currently eligible to hold office AND likely to win in 2008 that will provide the kind of material we've been seeing for what will have been the last 16 years.

Of course the Bush years were tempered by the threat of terrorism and the Saddam/Ossama spelling error, but W's spectacular talent for humorisity has made a remarkable impact on his term in office that is likely to make a series of books and films to make Harry Potter look like, well, child's play.

So here it is, for better for worse. My sidebar is getting crowded, but I will leave a link to this in my sidebar, and you can of course follow the link to the original by going to the host, www.bbspot.com, a host of many humorus features.

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