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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Peter Files All Purpose Promotional Video


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Because of a stunning technological breakthrough, The Peter Files Blog of comedy and Satire has now been granted access to the world's first all-purpose promotional video. A media production that places the historical importance of The Peter Files Blog of Comedy and Satire in its proper historical perspective for perhaps the first time ever.

While the film is not quite out of post-production, in fact, our in-house editors have just gotten their hands on it, our top communications officers Winkin, Blinkin and Nod, felt that we should rush out this test preview for some initial reactions before we go to the cost of completely customizing this film to our own firm needs.

Because of this we are providing a cheat sheet of sorts.

1) Every time the film refers to "Your Name Here" Just think "The Peter Files Blog"

2) Every time the film refers to "Your Product Here" Just think "A blog of comedy and satire".

Since these two key phrases are repeated endlessly in the film, you may want to print this entry before clicking on our film review link.

3) Don't worry, we noticed the one bad habit that the tobacco industry managed to sneak in, it's already on the list to be cut out. If you see other problems with the film, please let us know.

4) You will be presented, as we are, with some other optional choices, please think about these and tell us which ones you prefer, in this way you can impact what everyone else will see when the film is finished and all the special effects are added in.

You may be surprised to know that Star Wars III, I am told, looked a great deal like this film before the special effcts were added in, so the final cut will look a lot better, with your help!

5) Once you have seen this exciting new film, If you have any comments about this brand new effort, please feel free to share them in the comments area below.

Click here to see the Movie!

Thanks for coming by!

See you soon!

Peter, the Peter Files Blog of Comedy and Satire

Note: For some reason, a giant blank space has taken up residence between the end
of this post and the comments link.

Try as I might I have not been able to get rid of
it. Perhaps it is a green blancmange waiting to take over the page.

Perhaps I tweeked the wrong css code.

Pehaps I don't really know what I'm doing here and making any kind of changes in my
template code, which I've been doing everyday for weeks now is just asking for trouble.

Yeah, that's probably it. Anyway, hit Page Down about 6 times and you should see it.

Sorry for the technical difficulties.



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