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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thinking About The Troops


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I give the President a hard time in satire here in these files. But as July 4th comes near I think more and more of our Armed forces themselves who are tirelessly exposing themselves to risk for the cause of freedom and justice.

While this is mainly a blog of comedy and satire, there is nothing funny about the very real sacrifices that our armed service personel are making all over the world in an attemp to make the world a safer and better place and I salute them and want to say how much I appreciate them and what they are doing.

Each and every one of them is somebody's child. Many of them have left children at home, some they have never seen in person. I have only one wish for them. That they are able to come home soon safe and sound and be reunited with their families, their sacrifices having really been worth while.

After Vietnam, many servicement and women were scorned on their return, for so many reasons this will not be the case this time. Even still, as a young boy during those years, I was not one of those who scorned them and could not understand why anyone would heap derision on anyone who would go into battle and risk their lives in service of our country.

It seems now, today, when so many are divided whether our current President made the right call and Iraq is the right, exact place in the Middle East for these troops to be, that the sacrifices of these people are even more noble, following the orders of thier Commander-in-Chief with pride and loyalty in the service of their country, just as they swore and have been trained to do.

Whatever I may think of President Bush's Foreign or Domestic Policy, let there be no mistake about the regard in which I hold our service men and women whether they are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or any special unit, whether regular service or in via National Guard or some other way, it is very great.

I hope you all do well and will be safe and continue to do your best to uphold the standards and beliefs of this proud nation. WIll keep an eye out for trouble, protect your buddies, and others as you can, and remember if you read this that my voice is one of millions that are quietly praying for you to come home in one piece, body and soul, physically and mentally sound.

All the best,

Happy 4th!

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