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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Template Cleanup Upcoming Movies/Books


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I don't know if you have noticed it, but I have done some template cleanup over the past week to get rid of some problems that were bugging me and probably a fair number of visitors.

If they were bothering you, sorry about that.

The large blank spaces that appeared intermittently for those who were reading this blog using internet explorer appear to have been caused by my installation of a site counter in the footer of the blog. In many cases you do not see this counter (it looks like a swirly ball) because the footer falls so far down on the main page.

This change seems to have solved the main/sidebar bleeding over problem. Please let me know if your browser still has difficulties with it.

You may have noticed that the link to BLOGCHARTS dissapeared. That's because while the free counter still counts, they want to charge for all the reports, thus disabling the graphs and all the other neat features. If they ever reset this I will turn this back on, in the mean time it is still counting countries and I am testing other free counters.

I am also testing out the Blogger photo import system which allows you to directly import photos from your desktop. I used this to import photos of my Azaleas earlier this week, perhaps not a funny topic but they were close at hand. Better photos will appear soon, I promise.

Evidence of another program will appear soon. The rules of it do not allow me to mention it or what to do. Nuff said.

Before the previous blog counter went out I had visitors from 65 countries, very cool. I hope to redocument this over the next year and perhaps add some new countries as well. The best part of the web is the freedom it gives to cross beyond international borders without travel and get to know the people there without the filtration of media, governments or the wealthy, one on one.

So let's get off our lazy tails and do it for gosh sakes. The opportunity is now. It may be gone before we know it if we don't watch out.

Books/Films I am looking forward to seeing/Reading

1. The New Harry Potter Book/Film Sorry for those who are let down by this admission but this is a bit of fun that I can't ignore.

2. Likewise Batman Begins which I hope to see this week. I've been reading Batman since I was a wee one. Not going to miss this critically acclaimed film with M. Caine as an added boost.

3. I was not hot on the Fantastic Four until I saw the clips on Yahoo, now I am sold. I did not see Jessica Alba as Sue Storm (at some time later to become Sue Richards) but the whole thing was done very, very well from what I could see in the multiple short clips including some very, very difficult special effects involving Johnny Storm, the human torch, Sue, the invisible Girl, Reed Richards (Stretchie Pooh) and Ben -the thing- Grimm (It's Clobbering Time!). Dr. Doom gets aided by state of the art special effects which make this movie a whole step up from what it would have been even two or three years ago. Marvel creator Stan Lee has a cameo which makes the whole thing very special too.

4. Then there is Brad and Angela playing spy vs. spy. That looked kind of fun too in a "War of the Roses" sort of way with a really big budget. Given my desire to see the above this is looking like a rental. Looking at the clips and how Brad Pitt gets knocked around in this movie, one has to wonder exactly what Brad is looking for in a Domini... I mean woman. If it is a rental, it appears to be a very good one.

Reading Jimmy Buffet's A Pirate Looks at Fifty, I have a few years to go to get there. But I would refer some of my college friends to page 37 for an interesting factoid.

Well, that's it for words. I 've uploaded a few photos from July 3rd fireworks, that I had trouble with last night! Also a deer seen near the Little Red School House on the 4th.

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